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Your Questions About Apartment Address Line

February 17, 2013

David asks…

how do I write my address on one line with apt #?

So I’m not sure how and where to put my apartment number when I am suppose to put my whole address on one line.

So would this be correct?

1234 something st apt # 11, city, CA

Administrator answers:

It could be either way.
Like: 1234 Something St., Apt. 11, City, CA,
1234-11 SOmething St., City, CA

My address can be written the same way, except my apartment # is actually a letter, so it would be 1234-A Somewhere Street, Someplace, AL

Lizzie asks…

Help! How do I write out this address?

I am ordering something online, and I am shipping it to somebody else’s address. It is an address like this: 45 S 2nd W #205, Houston, TX, 29350

How would I fill that out on the form online?

#205 is apartment number

Address Line 1: 45 S 2nd W
Address Line 2: #205
Town: Houston
State: TX
Zipcode: 29350

Would that be correct?
Thanks guys. And yes, I substituted numbers lol. Don’t want to give out the real address online.

Administrator answers:

You could fill it out in a number of ways such as:

45 S 2nd W Apt: 205
Houston, TX 29350


45 S 2nd W
Apt: 205
Houston, TX 29350


45 S 2nd W
Houston, TX 29350
Apt: 205

These are the more common ways to write this out.

Betty asks…

What exactly is Address line 1 and 2?

I’m trying to get a shipment online from Amazon and I don’t know how this works because I never ordered anything before..anyway there’s this 2 lines which has Address line 1 and 2. For the first one it said (Street address, P.O. box, company name, c/o ) as for the second one it is (Apartment, suite, unit, building, floor, etc.) so can you please explain to me what each one means with an example and btw I live in a apartment…and I would like to know how and where to fill out on the shipping and payment. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

They do that in case you have a two line address. For an apartment, your apartment number would go on the Address 2 line like so:

Address 1: 123 Main Street
Address 2: Apartment A-12

Maria asks…

How To Write an Apartment Address Online?

This is my first time living in an apartment.
I live in my university’s apartments and I wanted to sign up for some Victoria’s Secret freebies and have no idea how to write my address.

(This is not my real address, but this is how it goes…)
1234 Bonnie Ave, Apt K Room #100
Los Angeles, Ca 54321

The problem is that online it won’t let me use commas just the # sign.
So how would you write the top part in one line?

Administrator answers:

Type it as you have it but leave out the comma.

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