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Your Questions About Apartment Address Line

July 24, 2013

Lisa asks…

Do you need to add the post code when you are writing your address for a delivery?

Like in Address line 1, do you just write your address without the post code? And in the Address line 2 you just add information in if you are living in a apartment??

Administrator answers:

There should be a box for the postal code or zip code. You definitely want to include that. Otherwise, the chances of your parcel taking a long time to get delivered go way up. It might even end up being delivered to the wrong address or marked as undeliverable.

For apartments, it goes on 1 line, like this:

12345 Street Name, Apt. 604

Betty asks…

How should I write my address?

I need to complete a form in order to get my visa. How Should I complete Address Line 1 and 2?

(lets pretend I live in Example Street, number 123, second floor, apartment A)

thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

123 S. Example Street, Second Floor, Unit A
Santa Ana CA 92704

David asks…

How can i get my california drivers license back?

About 3 months ago i received a ticket that would not have been a point on my record, however the ticket was mailed to my old apartment address and was never paid. It turned into a point on my record and my license has been suspended. I called the DMV and they told me it’s too late to schedule a court date. Is there any way to get it back? What can I do?

Administrator answers:

It is not too late because the DMV cannot suspend your license unless you signed a written promise to take care of your ticket prior to these three months. (CVC § 40509) Assuming that you did not make this mistake, you can tell them just that. If you’re at fault, then give them money plus pay a $55 driver’s license reissuance fee.

*/End of Line.

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