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August 7, 2013

William asks…

Do you work at American Eagle Outfitters?

I just got this AE All-Access Pass and i am having trouble filling up some of the questions there (where it is ask what your first name is, last name is, yada yada yada).
Now in the part that says that address line ( there are 2 of them), what should i put there just my address or something else.

Administrator answers:

Lol you put ur address in one, and leave the other blank.

Its just additional room for like if you live at an apartment or something, most people dont use the 2nd line

James asks…

What’s the proper address format to send packages to Canada with?

Is it like this?

Recipients Name
P.O Box or Apartment # with street address
Postal Code
Country (in this case Canada)

Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

You should add the two letters of the province in the same line of the city.

Ex: Toronto, ON

The rest is okay but you can put the appartement # after the street name.

Robert asks…

What does company mean by mailing something in?

im trying to sign up for something but for the company box idk what that means:

See her is an example:

First Name

*Last Name

Company_________ Use also for Dorm Room, Mailstop, Mailservice, etc.

*Address Line 1 Use for actual street address or post office box.

Address Line 2 Use for Apartment, Building, Unit, Floor, Suite, etc.



See applicable U.S. Territories


Phone Number Ext.

Administrator answers:

Have you never sent mail before?
Just ignore the line if it doesn’t apply.

Charles asks…

How may i fill the form of the Green Card Lottery correctly?

I have problems with this part of form :
What is that mean and what should i write there ?

8. Mailing Address
8a. In Care Of
8b. Address Line 1
8c. Address Line 2
8d. City/Town
8e. District/County/Province/State
8f. Postal Code/Zip Code No Postal Code/Zip Code
8g. Country
(NOTE: This is the address that will be used to notify you if you are selected.)

Administrator answers:

8. The place where you receive your mail.
A. If you receive your mail at someone else’s address, you need to have the INS put their name on the envelope, too. It goes right below your name, with the abbreviation c/o, such as:
Mr. John Doe
c/o Sue Smith
1122 Wilson St.
Apt. 202
Los Angeles, CA 92000

b. Address line 1 is the number and street
c. Address line 2 is the apartment or suite number.
D. City and state, such as Los Angeles, CA, or Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
E. Numerical zip code. If outside the US, use the postal code where you live.
G. Country where you live.
The address the INS will use for communication will consist of all of the above.

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