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June 1, 2012

Joseph asks…

How do I write my apartment address with the building and apartment number?

I need something shipped from amazon and I just moved into a larger apartment complex. In this one there are TONS of buildings so we have building numbers. How do I write this in my address? Amazon suggested something like this:

John Doe
555 John Doe Court Building 55
Apt 5
Texas, CO 55555

Would that work? If not, please tell me the correct way to write the building number and apartment number in the address!

Administrator answers:

It will probably work. After all, I’m sure tons of people in the complex also order packages.

Susan asks…

How do you fill something out with an apartment address? What goes in Line 1 versus Line 2?

When filling out a form, it prompts me for Address 1 and Address 2. I am moving into an apartment for the first time, and do not know what goes on each respective line. Any help would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Your name
Street Address
Apartment H
the city, the state
zip code.

Donna asks…

How to fill out an Apartment Address for shipping?

I am trying to order a CD from a bands website but their order from thing online is only giving me one line for the address. I am not getting the normal Address 2 and Address 3 bars. So how would I address it with just one address bar. Type the street name then the apartment name followed by apartment number?

Administrator answers:

Forget the apartment name. All you need is the street address, followed by the apartment number. E.g. 1234 Main St, Apt. #7.

Linda asks…

If I mail something to an apartment address without the persons room number, will the letter still get to them?

I don’t know my friends apartment room number, but I know the address for the apartment and the building number. If I send the letter to that address without their room number, will it get to them?

Administrator answers:

Happens every day in my building, postie just leaves the extra mail on top or along side the mailboxes and the tenants have a quick look to see if any of it is addressed to them.

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