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February 5, 2013

Michael asks…

Where can i find a house for rent with the following options:4bdrn2bathall apliances in littleton co?

Where can i find a house for rent with the following options:4bdr, 2bath, all apliances, dogs allowed, 2 car garage in littleton co?

Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Another popular site is:

You can also try Craigslist at:

Another option is to try this site run by e-bay:

In the end, the best option is probably to keep an eye on the classified ads in the Littleton newspaper.

Good luck with your search.

Daniel asks…

Looking for a home, or apartment to rent around Summersville,WV?

I am looking for a house, trailer, or apartment to rent somewhere between Summersville ,WV and Beckley, WV but I would like it to be as close to Summersville as possible. I have looked at probably over 50 websites and looked at papers and still havent found anything! PLEASE HELP!!!

Administrator answers:

Contact a real estate broker in that area. Real estate brokers handle rentals also. I would imagine that the apartment or home rental owner will pay the real estate broker’s fee but you can verify this with the broker when you go there. Remember that unless you ask for a “buyer’s broker”, a real estate broker represents the seller’s best interest, not the buyer’s, so you have to watch out for your own best interests rather than expecting the broker to do that for you if you don’t stipulate a buyer’s broker and sign a buyer’s broker agreement. Just tell the broker exactly what you’re looking for and in what price range. They should show you around just like if you were buying.

Also, there are companies that specialize in locating rentals. I looked in my Texas city yellow pages for “Apartments” and found several pages of listings and ads under “Apartment Rental Information & Servs”, “Apartments Furnished” and “Apartments Unfurnished”. Several ads say that their service is “free” meaning that the apartment rental owner pays the fee, not you.

Is West Virginia different. Maybe. You’ll have to verify that.

Good luck. :-)

Carol asks…

What is the best method to search for searching an apartment?

I am thinking about renting an apartment. Which is easier, online searching, drive around, or look into newspaper? What are the good websites/publications that provides sufficient and accuarate renting information?

Administrator answers:

Well it depends in which area are you looking to rent the apartment. I could suggest you one website that is Here you can find ad’s posted for almost all the big cities in the US. Here you could also post a free ad about yourself and what are you looking for. Its a great site with mostly accurate information but beware of those rental agencies. Try to contact people who are renting out directly without any mediators. You can contact the landlords via email and some mention their phone numbers as well. You can also find good sharing options if that’s what you are looking for. Hope this helps.

Donna asks…

what does it mean when apartment ads say gas included?

me & my friend are gonna rent an apartment . a few say water/gas included. i get the water part but whats the gas?
just because im asking a question does not mean im too young or immature. its a QUESTION. i want to be sure i know about everything they’re talking about before i make a decision.

Administrator answers:

The gas utility service is included.

The gas can be used for the stove, water heater, heating system – it depends on what type of appliances/systems the rental has. You will have to ask specifics.

George asks…

How does it work to buy a mobile home? Do you have to buy it? or can u just rent one?

We are currently renting an apartment and cannot afford to buy a house. I see all these ads that say “space rent only $650″ and stuff like that. Is that to rent just the space or the whole mobile home?

Administrator answers:

You can do both.

In can become quite confusing but…

If you OWN a piece of land then you can simply buy a mobile home. You will be able to get a loan for the home but you will not be able to rent one.

If you don’t want to own or do not own any land then a mobile home park will be your next stop. Most mobile home parks have trailers for rent. There are fees for the space and then fees for the rental but this is often cheap for housing.

William asks…

Where and when do you look for apartments in CA?

Where and when do you look for apartments in CA? I’ve tried looking on the apartments online ads, but it doesn’t seem to be enough options. Where else and when is the best time to look?
I’m not sure where in California yet. Wherever I get accepted to college.

Administrator answers:

In adition to online ads (like craigslist), try the local paper(s) for the area. Also, if you’re in a particular area where you want to rent, drive around the neighborhoods you’re considering to look for For Rent signs. Many desireable rentals in desireable neighborhoods don’t need to be advertised with more than a For Rent sign, because people want to live there and it’s not hard to find prospective tenants.

As far as what’s the best time to look, if you mean what part of the month is best, that would be within the first two weeks of a given month. That’s because people tend to move out at the end of the month, so it takes a couple weeks to prepare the property for the next tenant and the For Rent ads and signs start going up within the first two weeks of the month.

Paul asks…

How do you lease an apartment in Atlanta with problem credit?

My credit is not good. It’s bad. I keep getting turned down for apartments in Atlanta. So far I’ve lost $275.00 in application fees trying to get approved at different communities. I do not want to live in dangerous neighborhoods. I am not a criminal and seem like my credit profile is only going to accept me in dangerous areas and I can’t live like that I have a 16mos old daughter. Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Here are a few tips. I hope they will help you.

First of all, don’t go to any more large apartment complexes and pay application fees. Don’t ever pay an application fee, ever, if you have problem credit. You will always get turned down.

Instead, look in the paper for CONDO or townhouse rentals from individual owners. They are out there and you can usually tell by the ad that it’s placed by an individual party.

Go to see the apartment and if you like it, tell the person up front that you want the apartment and can give them a check that night for a security deposit. That’s when you tell them about the credit situation. Explain matter-of-factly that your credit is not great, then tell them how long you’ve been at your job, what your financial situation is, and what your ability is to pay the rent. Do not go on and on about it–just state the facts plainly and move on.

A few other tips:
–Dress professionally and be honest.
–Do not bring your child to see the apartment, but do mention that you have a 16 month old daughter.
–If you are a responsible person, say so.
–If you have good references from where you lived before, bring them with you. Call the references beforehand to warn them they may get a call.
–If you are clean, don’t have loud parties, try to be a good neighbor, etc., mention that. Mention everything good that you have to offer as a tenant.

Most of all, be honest and tell them what’s up. I had a low credit score years ago from medical bills and I always rented from individual condo owners or owners of small apartment complexes (six units or less.) I did exactly what I’m telling you to do, and I never had a problem renting from someone.

Once you do rent an apartment, always be respectful. Pay the rent on time. Be clean so you’ll get your security deposit back and so you’ll get a good reference for the next time. Try to stay in one place until you can get back on your feet and improve your credit score.

Landlords want tenants who will pay rent on time all the time, clean up after themselves, are quiet, don’t have problems with others (or the law) and don’t have excuse after excuse for not paying rent on time.

If you can show that you will be a good tenant, you will be fine. Good luck!

Linda asks…

I need Renters Insurance for an apartment in Spain, does anyone know any good companies?

I want to rent a apt in Spain I live here permanently,when you rent here normally you leave a few months deposit, but the apt I want to move into has requested that everyone has renters insurance. They say it will cost between 30 or 40 euros per month. Is this an average price? Does anyone know of any companies selling Renters Ins on the Costa Blanca? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I was in your position some time ago, and an actual renters insurance does not exist. However, I did get a normal contents cover (they will ask you if you are the owner or renter). I got mine through a German friend who saw an ad in a German newspaper, I paid 60€ for the year but can’t remember the brokers details. However I was insured with Lloyd’s. 30-40€ a month sounds excessive to me but it can be up to around 200€ a year. What the owners need to have for ANY insurance is either or both rejas (grills on the windows) or an alarm as you will NOT get insured with anyone without it here. (I sell property) because whilst YOU want contents cover THEY are responsible for buildings insurance for their property.
Try as they do all kinds of insurance including holiday/rental property.
Or if not buy the Costa Blanca news and ring a few brokers and ask what they charge….be a little shrewd as prices can vary greatly.
Good luck

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