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February 11, 2013

Donald asks…

What’s the best way to find a house for rent in a certain area?

I’m trying to find a house for rent but I have no idea where to start. Is there a rental property search engine or anything?

Administrator answers:

Yes. craigslist (got 2 awesome places from craigs. Just be smart proactive and careful), you can go through RE office, but sometimes they’re very unrealistic about what places they can get you into.
Drop by schools they usually have tons of ads posted too.

Carol asks…

How can you tell if a response for an apartment is a scam?

I posted an ad looking for a room.

Someone replied and said that if I decide to live with their family, I should provide a picture, detailed info about myself (where I’ll work + contact person), rental reference and credit report and bank statement.

Is this too much info to give someone or is this normal (never rented before)?

Administrator answers:

Before you provide any information, you need to see the room and meet the people you will be sharing with.

It is quite reasonable for a prospective landlord to want evidence that you are working and therefore able to pay the rent etc and perhaps a reference from a previous landlord….

Charles asks…

How much are the bills for a 1 and for a 2 bedroom apartment? Is the difference big?

Hi! I want to move to UK and I am looking at the ads for rent on diferent sites and in most cases it is not stated if the bills are included or not in the monthly or weekly rates. I would like to know how much are the diferent bills there. Can you people help me?

Administrator answers:

You will generally pay a higher rent and council tax for a 2 bed than a 1 bed flat.The difference in running costs if you had central heating would be minimal between the 2.In most cases in the UK your rent does not include anything.You pay council tax at the going rate (less if you are a lone tenant)then water,gas,electric,contents insurance,tv licence,internet/phone,food and cleaning and toiletries needs.All bills are dependant on how much you use and what needs you have.On average I would say on top of your rent and council tax,you will probably need to budget for around £150 a week for all utilities etc that I have stated above.Britain is certainly not a cheap place to live unless you have a very well paid job.Good luck anyway.

Daniel asks…

Burning incense ok in non smoking apartment?

Not moving right now. Read the apartment ads anyway though. Many of the places to rent are non smoking. My question is about being Buddhist and burning several sticks of incense daily. Is this a problem in a non smoking building? Was just wondering what everyone thought about this. Thanks so much.
Great answers everyone. Was wondering if it wouldn’t come under the freedom to practice my religion in peace in my home – or apartment as the case may be.

Administrator answers:

It shouldn’t be a problem. People burn candles all the time so incense should not be a problem either. Just be aware that some apartments that have that as part of their terms have a REALLY sensitive smoke alarm that could be set off with even a candle or stove. Also be aware that some apartments lock the alarm so that you are not able to shut it off or disable it at all.

Sandy asks…

How to convert a 1 bedroom apt into 2 bedrooms?

I heard some people saying they can ‘convert’ a 1 bedroom apartment into 2 bedrooms. How do they do that? Build a wall down the middle? Often I see an ad for rent like “2Bedroom Converted Apartment“. How would you split a 1BR into 2BR while still maintaining privacy?

Administrator answers:

I think a “2 bedroom converted apartment” would more likely refer to a house that was converted into apartments. Like a two-level house might be made into one upstairs and one downstairs apartment.

Michael asks…

How can I tell if I’m getting scammed out of holding deposit on apartment before credit check?

My girlfriend and I just moved to Los Angeles and are looking for an apartment. We found one we liked, and met someone who presumably works for the rental company renting the apartment. My girlfriend filled out the credit application, and we left. Later another person called and said that I have to also fill out an application. That’s totally fine. He said to meet the guy we already met at an agreed upon location in the morning so I can fill it out. He also said that I should probably give him a $600 deposit (roughly half the monthly rent) to hold the apartment for us. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but without seeing an office, credentials, or any document specifying the terms of the deposit, I feel very strange about handing over $600 to a stranger at a coffee shop. The phone numbers they gave seems legit, the guy who showed us had the keys to the apartment, and the CL ad matched what we saw. How can I know the company is real? How can I know we will be refunded the money if we fail the application/credit check? What form of payment should we use to be sure we can recover our money if they are crooks?

Administrator answers:

Apartments have rental offices, there, on site. They do not work out of a coffee shop.

Robert asks…

Does anyone have any good ideas for decorating an apartment on a budget?

Please keep in mind that any changes made cannot be permanent, since I rent. I’d also like ideas for creating more storage space, if possible. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Check the yahoo groups in your area for a “free-cycle” group in your area. People give away things or post what they need. As a general rule you need to give something away before you post a need or want ad, but you can respond to posting if there is something you are interested in.

Estate sales and auctions are good places to go, I got an end table for $.50.

If it isn’t exactly what you want, deal with it, sand down the front of the dresser drawers and paint them with a color, and use that color throughout the room. Cover the tops of end tables and dressers with scarves from second hand shops or tablerunners.

You’ll end up with a true bohemian look.

Scarves can be tied together over pillows to decorate throw pillows.

Slipcovers or chenille throws can mask odd patterns on sofas and chairs.

For more storage space, place your bed on cement/cinder blocks, it give you room to place seasonal decorations, seasonal clothing, etc.

Decorative hat boxes stacked can be used as lamp stands, usually between $6-12 a piece, great for storing hobby supplies

don’t try to decorate all at once, take your time. If you use free-cycle, pick up stuff you need, and if you find something better, pass along what you are replacing.

James asks…

How much will it cost me to rent a small 1 bedroom house in Cebu City?

Can I rent an “acceptable” place for about $100 — $200 per month? How do I find those places? Do I have to go there first and look around by driving up and down streets?

Administrator answers:

Apartments and condominiums in Cebu are cheaper than the ones found in Manila. For Php5,000.00, one can get an acceptable place so the amount you gave pretty much nails it (depending on the current US$ – Php conversion of course).

Note too that accommodations are cheaper in Mactan and other areas (e.g. Cordova) than in Cebu City. I found a two-bedroom apartment for only Php4,500 in Mactan. The rate though is not yet inclusive of utilities (water, Internet, electricity, etc). The place was referred by a colleague.

Online, you may check these classified ads. They are pretty much reliable, especially the ones with pictures though it would help if you see the place first before confirming its rental.


You may also look for accommodations in local newspapers like Sun Star Cebu or the Freeman.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Helen asks…

Where can I find apartment ads?

i’m looking for an apt in Rochester ny and i’m wondering what other website has apt ads except for craigslist? thanks

Administrator answers:, apartment locator is another. Yahoo real estate.

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