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February 19, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How much would a detailed cleaning of a moved out apartment cost?

I am talking completely detailed…stove, fridge, baseboards, inside/outside cabinets, all light fixtures. My sister said it could run $300 or more. Has anyone had a detailed cleaning on an apartment they moved out of and how much did it cost?
It is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bath.

Administrator answers:

Company: The cost for hiring a company or people ranges between 300 and 500 dollars. Depending on how dirty it is. The more scrubbing there is the more costly. If you opt this option, try to hire part-time students. Place an ad on yahoo or craigslist, get quotes and decide.

Do it yourself: Your cost will be $50 max!! You’ll need the following items: baking soda, vinegar, bathroom cleaner, mild dishwashing liquid soap, organic degreaser, anti-scratch sponges, old newspapers or recycled paper towel, 15ml orange and teatree essential oils, mop & bucket, vacuum. There are plenty of recipies for cleaning with vinegar and baking soda ( look it up in the internet!)

My favorite brand of soap and bathroom are Seventh generation. Powerful yet gentle. You got you money worth! For heavier stains use the degreaser, and for impossible stains or grease use baking soda and vinegar. Careful with vinegar in bathroom, it eats up the shine if not used carefully.

If you have carpets ask around to rent a rug doctor with solution. Ask at your grocery store. Get the solution with it and all it takes is hot water and use it in 3 squarefeet area at a time. Try not to step on wet areas.

It is fun to clean and dance with some music!! At the end reward yourself with a nice gift!! ( You were gonna pay way more for cleaners).

Hope this was helpfull!!

Joseph asks…

How do I list an apartment for rent?

I am th eowner of an apartment which I would like to list for rent. How do I list it ?

Administrator answers:

I would list it in two places:

1. The local newspaper. Look at the classified ads for apartments to get a handle on what language to use and what’s important to mention.

2. List it on It’s almost always free, you can put up a long description and even some pics, and a lot of people check out Craigslist.

John asks…

I need an good website to find apartments in georgia?

I have an time limit where i have to move in 3 days.I need to find an apartment where i can move in as soon as possible.Is that possible? If so where do i go about finding the information required.

Administrator answers:

Go get a newspaper and look in the classfied ads under apartments for rent.
Also see if your local town has the newpaper online.

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