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May 23, 2013

Donna asks…

How do you go about finding an apartment?

I know the question sounds silly, but I don’t know the first thing about it. I’ve tried looking and I feel like I’ve gotten nowhere. I need a cheap apartment…taking dogs would be nice but I’m willing to give mine away if I don’t have any other choice. I looked for apartments without dogs too. Anyone know the cheapest places to live in the US?

Administrator answers:

The easiest way is to just look at the ads in the newspaper, they almost always mention whether pets are allowed or not. Or you can drive around the neighborhood where you want to live and look for “For Rent” signs, write down the phone number and call them. Many apartment complexes have a listing in the yellow pages of the phone book.

The cheapest places in the US are in small towns with no jobs. Overall, cheapest is probably the southeast US.

Donald asks…

How do you get you sim to live in an Apartment in the Sims 2 Apt. life?

I have all the other ones, so the apt life is an add on. I can’t seem to figure out how to get my sim to live in an apartment. I can’t even find how to get to the Apartments.

Administrator answers:

If you’re playing a neighborhood that you had before you installed Apartment Life, then you need to either build or place an apartment building in your neighborhood. Belladonna Cove has some already in place if you just want to figure out how to use them. In the lots and houses tab at the neighborhood screen, there is a special buildings tab where the apartments are, just like hotels for BV or dorms for Uni. Place as many as you like in your neighborhood.

After you move a Sim into that lot from the family bin, when you enter to play that lot, your Sim will have the option to either rent an apartment or view/browse them first. You do so by clicking on the apartment door and selecting from the menu that pops up. Bear in mind the rent is posted as well and is deducted weekly, so make sure your Sims have a job and/or can afford the rent. If not…

If your Sim wants a roommate for the apartment, search the roommate ads in the newspaper or the computer. Roomies act like pets or NPCs, however, so you can’t control them, but you can interact with them. Have fun! AL is a really fun pack.

David asks…

Do you think $35k a year (2,900 a month) is enough to sustain a working single woman in Orlando, Florida?

How much is the range of apartment rent, food, etc?

Administrator answers:

Taking the basics into consideration you take home pay will be about $545 a week less what contribution (if any) is made for health insurance. If your take home is 2k a month figure you can afford $650 for rent. That is low for the Orlando area so expect to pay more. You can check food prices by looking at weekly ads for two of our bigger grocery chains by going to (use zip code 32801) and (same zip). You can also use some online cost of living calculators that will compare where you live now and Orlando. Since our weather is warmer here your annual clothing allowance may be less then if your from the north. Also if your from a state that has a state income tax you’ll be happy to know that Florida doesn’t. Check the costs of transferring your car’s license tags, as well if there is a difference in your car insurance rate between living where you are and Orlando. If you already have an offer from a company check to see what the cost of housing will be in the area near where you will be working to save on transportation costs. Since Orlando is so spread out you want to be close to your work then have to fight daily traffic. When checking neighborhoods or areas you can check how safe they are by address here

Hope some of these suggestions make your decision and move easier.

Thomas asks…

how much money should i save before moving into my own apartment?

I am almost 20 years old and want to move out within the next year, after I finish my associates. I live in VA and want to move to NYC very soon. Should i move into a studio apartment here in VA and keep saving until I get more money to move to NYC, if so how much money should i save before moving to NYC. I have about 2grand and some change in the bank, I have a weekend job right now but starting in the summer it will be full time.

Administrator answers:

You’ll need several months worth of rent and living expenses so as to cover any unexpected expenses. Such as if you are out of work then you don’t have to worry about living costs while you hunt a new job. Other expenses can crop up so spare money is a requirement. The more money you have the better and look at places you can really afford on your income and allow for savings to be made.

To have an idea of the costs involved look at apartment ads for the area of NYC you ant to live in and of course look for the added expenses as some include utilities and some don’t and also things like cable, phone and other such expenses. Get a decent look so you can come up with an average rent and then the average for added costs and add together and use that as the amount you need to spend monthly and then save 3-4 months or more (don’t forget security deposit as an add on).

Sharon asks…

What is the law on showing an apartment while it’s still occupied in Los Angeles?

We gave our 30 day notice and the next day the manager came by to ask if someone can view the apartment “in 15 minutes”. Then we found an ad on Craigslist that our apartment is available for viewing “daily”. Hello, we’re still here and still paying rent! Do we really have to let people in and out of our apartment whenever management feels like it, whether we’re home or not??? Shouldn’t they wait until we’re gone? All the apartments that we’ve looked at so far were vacant. Just curious what the law is on this?

Administrator answers:

California law allows the landlord/management to show the property with a 24 hour notice.

They do not need your permission nor do you need to be present.

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