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May 28, 2013

Mandy asks…

Where can I find an appartment or room for rent in Roskilde?


I’m going to work in Roskilde, Danmark soon. Would anyone please tell me which will be the best way to find an appartment (or a room) for rent in Roskilde or Copenhagen area? I have searched in some sites, but it seems one must pay to see the advertisors contacts.

Administrator answers:

It’s normal to pay for access to apartment listings in Denmark. There are many out there. Some are “dodgy” in my opinion — advertising their best apartments on the other sites as bait to get you in, only to find out it was rented out 2 weeks earlier.

Having gone through the process a couple of times, I think these 2 are the best: and DBA is only 49kr for a month. BoligPortal is 350kr for 2 months. Sometimes people advertise their flats on both. I only joined BP when I saw something that looked really good. You have to phone the renters. Email takes too long, and it will be gone. Demand is hugely greater than supply, especially for well-priced and well-located flats and rooms.

BEWARE the free ad sites that are in English, have misspellings, are offered in Euros (Denmark uses Danish Kroner, not Euros), and are offered at prices way out of line with everything else in the ads. Those are most likely scams.

Sandy asks…

Where can I find a half decent apartment around Stuittgart- Vaihingen or Boeblingen?

I am looking for a one room apartment for rent, around 300 euro, without a damn agent.

Administrator answers:

The site I will ad is the biggest to do such a research but you need to speak some German

BTW in that region you will not find a decent apartement for 300 € it is by far not enough.

Lisa asks…

What do apartments base your rent off of?

I’ve been looking for an apartment and most list that it varies from $650 – $1000. How do they find out how much you will pay each month?

Administrator answers:

If the prices 650 to 1000 is in the same ad, it means they different apartments ranging in price from 650 to 1000 a month. The difference is based on bedrooms and if it’s on the first or top floor, etc.

They will look at how much money you earn each month and in most cases, how good your credit is.

For a 650 a month apartment, you should be making AT LEAST 2,600 a month BEFORE TAXES. For the 1000 rent, you need to be making 4000 a month. This is the MIN you need.

Lizzie asks…

How important is it to rent an apartment in Montreal on July 1st?

I am going to attend McGill in the fall, and I have heard that most apartment rentals are arranged on a year-to-year instead of month-to-month basis, and that moving day is on July 1st.

How necessary is it to find a good place for a good price by getting an apartment on July 1st?

Also, is it a good idea to go to Montreal and find places there by poking around, or is a place like craigslist a good source to find a place? I am hesitant because I am not sure if the internet sellers are trying to rip people off who are not from the area.

Also, since July 1st is approaching, is it best to find a place before July 1st, on July 1st or after July 1st?

I would greatly appreciate any helpful advice.
Thank you very much for all the wonderful replies!

In response to a pair of questions, no, I do not live in Ottawa, but I am actually from London, ON. I just realized how confusing my name, ottawablows, is, but it is not against the city but against their hockey team :)

London is approximately a six hour drive to Montreal (in my approximation) so I don’t think I can make too many trips up before I find a place. I am hoping one trip will do.

I am glad to hear there are still going to be places available after July 1st, I was kind of worried that most places would be taken.

I absolutely love the passion in all of your writing about Montreal, it makes me even more excited about living there!

Also, thank you very much for offering to further help me regarding finding a good deal!

Happy Saint-Jean Baptiste Day, everyone!

Administrator answers:

Yes it’s true – July 1 is the unofficial moving day in Montreal, and many places become available then. It’s also true that apartment leases happen on a year-to-year basis, not a month-to-month basis.

That said, if you were looking for an apartment to occupy on July 1, you would have needed to be searching and to have signed a lease in May or so.

However, not to fear. Although the majority of apartments become available for July 1, there are still plenty available for August or September 1, and now is the time to be searching. There is nothing wrong with using Craigslist as long as you yourself are happy with the apartment after you visit it (I don’t know where you currently live, but whatever you do, don’t commit to an apartment without visiting it first!). You will also find many listings in local Montreal newspapers (the Gazette – English and la Presse – French) and on the McGill University classified (

I would first pick the neighborhood you want to live in. Then, start scouring the classified ads and book a bunch of visits over a weekend. If you find an apartment you like and aren’t sure if you’re being ripped off or not, you can always come back here and ask!

James asks…

What is the best way to go about finding an apartment in Long Island (Stony Brook) area?

I am looking for a one bedroom apartment in the Stonybrook, long island area. Adjacent areas are also acceptable. What is the best way to go about my search? Presently, i’m residing in a different state. I have tried online sources…could not find any that fit my budget. Any ideas, anyone?

Administrator answers:

You will find the people that use on-line ads will pay more for the rent. Your best best is to walk/drive the streets. That way you get a feel for the place too.

Where you can’t do this…maybe find someone that lives there like a college person….

Sandra asks…

How do I go about moving to a larger city, finding a new job, and moving into a new apartment?

My girlfriend and I live in a small city in a newer rented apartment. She lost her job and is unable to pay for her half of the rent. Rent is due on the 2nd of March.
I continue to have a job but it doesn’t pay enough for full rent and the rest of my bills.
I’ve come up with the solution of moving to a larger city, finding new jobs and a new apartment. We don’t have much money but we are receiving an unknown amount of money from my parents as a ‘gift’. I want to make sure we have enough money before moving to a larger city. I also want to be confident that we can find a new apartment and new jobs before taking this step forward.
How do we go about this situation?

Administrator answers:

First; Get a newspaper or go on-line & start looking at the city you want to go to. Start getting an idea of what rent will be, what neighborhood you want, check the want ads, see what jobs are out there & where they are located. Look for potential employment agencies, temp housing, motels, bus routes, apartment finders, things you will need as soon as you get there. That will give you an idea of what the budget should be. Remember, you may need a security deposit, first & last months rent, a cosigner, references. A map of the city may be useful. Do your homework. Don’t go to a new place blind.

Second; Don’t just pack up & run. It will be an expensive trip. You may be wiser to concentrate on getting your girlfriend a new job where you live now. Where you know people & where they know you. If you must go, try to set up job interviews before you go, especially if this new city is more then a 1 day trip away. Don’t go unless you can afford to be there 2-3 months unemployed. Finding work that will pay the rent in a new city is tougher then it looks. If you are under 21, re-think the plan. Your “solution” has flaws. My worry is that you are too unprepared for such a move as your question suggests.

Laura asks…

What rent, just north of Seattle, should me and my roommate shoot for on $10 an hour wages (if possible)?

What kind of amenities and stuff (air conditioning, etc.) if any can we afford? My roommates brother who works at Boeing is invited, but isn’t sure if he wants to move out yet. Obviously if he comes with us, circumstances would change quite a lot.

Also, know of any good apartment buildings just north of Seattle? =P Or just any tips in general for some kids moving out for the first time?

Administrator answers:

At $10 an hour, you’ll be looking at stuff $1000 – $1200/month. Rents are rising and vacancy rates are down to all time lows in Puget Sound. You might be better to stick to something you can find on you & the other $10 buddy. This way, you won’t be on the hook for a 3rd person if the Boeing buddy flakes out.

Air Conditioning – LOL… We only need it for maybe that one week in August when temperatures are 90 degrees or above.

Other amenities – You could look for a complex that has some nice common areas, like a cabana, weight or exercise room, a pool, sauna, jacuzzi.

Larger real estate offices can give you a list of available rentals or seek a property management company. The Seattle PI or Seattle Times will also have rental ads. Http://

PLEASE read your lease and understand the commitment you are making. This will help you later. Also read & understand the Seattle Landlord Tenant Laws. Http://

Donald asks…

How do I find an apartment in a house?

I am located in the Tampa Area and would like to search for single family homes that have a rental apartment inside, sort of like a duplex. Or if anyone watches HGTV, like the show income property, or for rent. Does anyone know what they are called, or if they are just apartments, and where the best place to find an ad is?

Administrator answers:

You look in the classified section of the newspaper ads under Duplex’s / Multiplex’s for sale.

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