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June 3, 2013

Richard asks…

How long do you have to be at your job to get an apartment?

I just started my new job last week after being unemployed for the past month. I just found out I have to move out of the place I’m currently living at, so I need to get a place asap. How long do I have to be working until I can get an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Some places like you to have a job for atleast 3-6 months but others don’t care as long as you have the rent & deposit and a current job. Just call an apartment complex and explain the situation. If all else fails look in the local ads and rent off an individual. (:

Sandy asks…

How can I find/get an inexpensive but nice house or an apartment for rent?

I want to move out after I turn 18 next January so bad. But the only homes I seen online for rent are no less than 800 dollars a month. Does anyone know what jobs pay enough to afford that an 18 year old can get?
I live in GA if that matters.

Administrator answers:

First of all , you get what you pay for, so the terms “nice” and “inexpensive” are located at each end of the spectrum. I recommend you elect to eliminate renting a house because since you are so young, maintaining a house requires knowledge, experience, mechanical ability (as well as electrical, carpentry, and plumbing know how) and you are the one who will be doing these things unless the homeowner does it all, and at most likely more money than you are willing to spend. A cheap apartment can be located in the newspaper classified ads, word of mouth from the street, or from Internet research. You may want to see if someone needs a room mate if privacy is not a big issue and expenses are tight. Paying rent as a room mate is significantly less costly than renting a studio or single bedroom apartment. Some apartment management require minimum income levels and renters insurance to rent a place (unless they are listed as public housing). At 18 years, you won’t qualify.

Joseph asks…

How do you rent out your home?

We are a military family and we dont want to sell our home. We want to rent out our house to other military families. I dont know how to get a lease. rental application written up or how to budget the mortgage. anyone who is a landlord and renting your property, How did you do it?

Administrator answers:

First, contact the housing assistance office at the closest military base. They should be able to help you find another military family who is looking for a place in your area. When I was in the military, there was a card catalog (I know, I’m dating myself) that contained all of the owners in the area who were looking for military personnel to rent their property. They gave me a bunch of prospective places to check out which, unfortunately, I didn’t care for. I just ended up getting an apartment in what I knew was a nice part of town.

If they can’t help you out, contact property management companies (note that most major real estate companies do property management). They may charge a fee to find and screen tenants, and then charge about 8% of the rent payment a month for their management fees. They should also have a time limit where, if the tenant is a good one and you don’t want to use the management service any more, you can back out and receive the full rent payment.

Whatever you do, don’t just put an ad out and try to find your own tenant. Especially if you’re moving out of the area. You’ll want to have someone local to pick up the rents, make small repairs, do required maintenance, and just have someone local that the tenant can call to handle whatever might come up. That 8% is very much worth the peace of mind.

John asks…

What should i do? I need get an apartment when i move to college but i dont have any renting history.?

I dont have much credit but its not bad either and im working on building it. Do you think i will be able to get an apartment by august?

Administrator answers:

You could:
- Go through an agency
- Find apts. By owner, they tend to be more flexible
- Find roommate(s)
- Lookup your credit history/scores, maybe you’d rent on your own without bothering with anyone else. You’re entitled to one credit report free per year. For details please visit:

** is a good place to look for rental ads.
Good luck! :)

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