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June 8, 2013

Ken asks…

How much does electric cost in a one bedroom apartment in Grand Rapids, MI?

I’m doing a school budget project and I’ve found a few apartments w/gas(heat) included in the rent but, the ads don’t say anything about the cost for electric.
How much would electric cost if I used it for internet and tv but not that often?

Administrator answers:

How much electricity do you use?

Charles asks…

How do I go about renting an apartment overseas?

I’m studying abroad in Seoul, Korea this fall, and I’ve been looking at some apartments/ boarding houses online. I’ve inquired on some classified ads which turns out to be available. What should I do in terms of deposits/ sending payments, rent contracts, etc.

Administrator answers:

I would never rent anything sight unseen. You can stay in a hotel or hostel when you first arrive. Certainly the school where you’ll be studying can help you find housing after you get there. I would never, repeat never, send money to anything based on seeing it online.

Nancy asks…

What is the overall price of a apartment?

me and my friend both what to move out and we were wondering how much do we have to pay monthly. does the rent cover electric bills and water bills too? or do we have to pay that extra? plz help we what to move out soon :D

Administrator answers:

What you’ll pay really depends on what part of the country you’re living in… It can range from $450/month for a 2-bdrm to $1,500/month for a 2-bdrm. Some places are all-inclusive and the rent will include your electric and/or gas, and some places the rent is only the rent and you’ll have to provide all utilities and cable/internet/phone. Most landlords pay the water bill (although, it’s always good to ask what utilities you’ll be responsible for). Some places will also require that you pay for trash pickup, while others include trash in the rent. Pick up a local newspaper and look at the classifieds for apartments for rent. Some will list the rent price and should list the amount of the deposit and if utilities are included. If not, call the number listed with the ad and speak with the landlord (have a list of questions that you want to know before you call). If there are any complexes in your city that you’re interested in, simply call them and ask them the monthly rent amount and if any utilities are included in that price. Make sure that you each have jobs and that you have money saved up before you move out. The first few months are expensive because you have to pay a deposit in addition to your first-month’s rent, you’ll have to pay start-up fees with the utility companies (if they’re in your name), you’ll have dishes, furniture, groceries, household items, etc. To buy. Plus, make sure you purchase renter’s insurance. If your parents know that you’re thinking of moving out, sit down with them and ask for their help on a monthly budget. They know what the average rates are in your area for: food, rent, utilities, cable/internet, etc. Plus, once you move out, they may expect you to pay for your car and insurance (if you have one), medical costs, cell phone, etc. You need to know what all you’ll be paying each month. Good luck to you.

Linda asks…

What are some good apartment rental websites that are absolutely free to participate in?

I already have an ad on craigslist for a 2/1 to be shared, but I wondered where else I should try. Really? That’s free? No way! I don’t believe you. I have been lied to so many times. I’ve even emailed some of these sites to ask them about any fees involved before actually bothering to create an account and they just flat out lie… “Oh yes, it’s absolutely free”, they say, when in fact, it’s not.

Administrator answers: is good.

Most local papers have free or inexpensive online classifieds.

Donna asks…

what is the best way to find a room to rent?

Moving to Northern VA soon and from looking at apartments I can’t get one on my own yet. I think my best bet is to get a 2 or 3 bedroom with others. Whats the best way to find others my age in the area?

Administrator answers:

Some kind of ads for that area is a start. If you define in detail what you are looking for i will find it

Carol asks…

Thailand: Would it be more economical to rent a condo rather than a hotel a hotel?

I once saw an ad that said a condo was 600 baht a night. Isn’t that a pretty good deal when you get a sofa ,love seat ,a kitchen ,and a king bed?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you will find a condo for 600 baht a night if you only stay for a few days. Long term stays you might average 600 baht a night but not for a couple days at a time. In some cities you can get a hotel room for 600 baht a night which includes A/C, private toilet and TV. In Pattaya even cheaper.

So, how many days do you need an apartment? Only a few days then a hotel will be cheaper.

Some serviced apartments do act like hotels with short stays but the price per night usually is not cheaper than no-star hotels. So you get a cheap condo in a remote area and spend a lot on local transportation how much do you save then? Where you get the condo and when (high or low season) you get the apartment affects the price too.

Sample serviced apartment prices on these links.


You could get lucky and use a condo belonging to an expat who may be going home for a visit at a cheap price. He may just want a live body in the place while he is gone. You would have to be lucky to find a deal like that though.

If it is so cheap to get a condo why should ordinary tourists use a hotel? Remember some condos may not be convenient for cheap transportation.

Good luck.

Helen asks…

I need to move to a new apartment! What’s the easiest way to look for a new, better place?

I am paying way too much for the one I am living at right now and everything breaks often. Everybody in the building feels ripped off. They just sent a letter stating they will raise rent almost $200 more! So, should I just drive around until I find a good prospect? Read the rental magazines for my city? (Seattle). I doubt every single building is listed there.

Administrator answers:

Check out some online classified ads for apartments in your area, as well as other websites such as, or, in order to find a bunch of apartments really fast. You can also sometimes find Apartment Finder magazines and guides for free in local supermarket stores.
Lastly, have a good idea of how to get around your area, and just go driving for a day, stopping at every apartment complex that looks plausible to you – that’s what I did and the last place I stopped at I loved!

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