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June 19, 2012

Charles asks…

In apartment for rent ads what does PPMS mean?

I have been looking for an apartment & noticed PPMS at the end of several ads. I have never seen that before, & can’t figure out what it stands for. I tried googling it & found nothing that would make sense. If you bother writing an answer PLEASE DO NOT JUST COPY & PASTE THE FIRST THING YOU FIND ON GOOGLE I ALREADY TRIED THAT GOOGLE! IF THE FIRST PAGE OF A GOOGLE SEARCH COULD ANSWER MY QUESTION THEN I WOULD NOT BOTHER WRITING THIS OUT!
Sorry I am just really sick of getting stupid answers from people who don’t actually know the answer just to get their stupid points. Please only answer if you know from personal experience.

Administrator answers:

It’s not any standard abbreviation that I’m aware of. If you could give a link to one of these ads maybe we could figure it out from context.

Or you could always just call the listing agency and ask.

Daniel asks…

How can I locate an apartment to rent in a specific area other than online listings or newspaper ads ?

I wish to remain in my area in Chicago and I check listings on line but there are never any listed for my area. I check newspapers but get no results. I don’t have to move immediately but I don’t know any other means of searching other than the usual on line listings or newspaper ads.

Administrator answers:

Call places listed in the yellow pages!

William asks…

How can one have an ad for an apartment for rent published using Craigslist?

We have followed tips, such as omitting commas, capital letters, and symbols (such as & )
Furthermore, C L now demands a new phone number every 90 days each time one publishes an ad for renting apartments. We used up our 4 phone numbers. Do we have to wait 3 more months before being able to publish? Is there another company besides Craigslist? Thanks in advance. Artemis

Administrator answers:

Have you tried Kijiji for your area? They are free ads too.
Also if you are in Canada, there is the “Used” sites:, and so on, which also have free ads.

Jenny asks…

What does it mean when an ad says “rent includes…”?

Such as an apartment ad saying rent is $500, includes trash and water. Does that mean the $500 also covers trash and water? Or does it mean there is the $500 then an additional cost for the trash and water?

Administrator answers:

“Includes” means those services are covered by the $500 rental rate.

Mandy asks…

How to down talk and bargain with apartment rent prices?!?

My roomie and I are moving into another apartment community within the area.. and we have tons of amazing options.. but whenever I (or we) go to check them out, they tell us the price is like $20-$80 higher than what their websites and ads say!!

A friend of mine did some serious bargaining with the leasing agent and was able to get what they said was a $640 1br apartment for like $480.

What are some suggestions on how to bargain to lower the rent?

Administrator answers:

You need to do some research with the apartment building and ask some questions during the walk-through.

You want to ask questions such as: How many empty units are there? Find out how many different units there are also. For example, studios, 1 or 2 bedrooms. Also try to find out how long the unit or units have been empty. Try not to look too excited when doing the walk-through.

If you can get the person that is showing you the apartment to answer some of these questions then you will be in a better position to negotiate with the building owner. For example, if half the building is empty and has been for a long time then they may be willing to lower the rent. Also, if you imply that you have several options open, they may be willing to lower the price to get you to move in with them an not some where else.

Last but not least make sure you point out things that the apartment does not have. My favorite is if the unit does not have a dishwasher. I immediately tell the landlord that I really would like a dishwasher and that I saw a unit down the street that had one.

Chris asks…

Are these ads on Craigslist to rent apartments in Manhattan legit?

They look like nice apartments for less than $300 a night. Are there any catches? I’m looking for something reasonable in Midtown.

Administrator answers:

It’s usually the ones that are under $100/night that are scams. The easiest way to spot a scam is to call and/or exchange emails with the owner and get a feel of the language being used as most scammers are overseas. Ask them if you can send someone to see the apartment first. Ask them for a phone number then do a google search for the phone number, the apartment address and the renter’s name and see what comes up. Avoid anyone who asks you to wire a deposit via Western Union (ripping you off for a deposit is the latest scam). For $300/night you can actually go through a legit website as you have a decent budget. Try: and

Good luck!

Ruth asks…

English question: I have to advertise an apartment for rent.?

I have to advertise an apartment for rent. it is in an old triplex HOWEVER this specific apartment looks like new relative to other apartments in the building and the area. It is a beautiful apartments.
The apartment was renovated about 5 years ago where new flooring was installed etc. Is it correct English to say it is a “Beautiful Newly Renovated Apartment” in the ad? if not, how should I describe it in the ad so that whoever reads it understand it looks like new? THANKS.
ps. does newly renovated refers to time or only looks?

Administrator answers:

As five years ago is not recent, I would word the ad to say “Beautiful, updated apartment” instead.
You could say other things than beautiful to indicate how it looks, like, “Spacious 3br apartment, updated and clean” or “2br 2bath apartment, spacious, great views, renovated kitchen” or whatever is appropriate.

Sandy asks…

Where can I post an ad to rent an apartment I have on Lake Como, Italy?

The apartment is completely furnished and I would like to rent it to people that would stay for a short time or max 2 o 3 months. Any suggestions to how to do it?

Administrator answers:

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