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June 15, 2013

Thomas asks…

Can you recommend good websites to look for a rental?

I’m looking to rent an apartment or house very soon. I’ve been looking at Craigslist but do not feel too comfortable dealing with “strangers” on Craigslist as I’ve heard several bad horror stories. I’ve been looking on Trulia and Zillow too. Any other suggestions besides the newspaper?

Administrator answers:

Call your local real estate agent and ask her for referrals. Craigslist is no worse and no better than the newspaper or any other website, as no one checks out the ads, they all will tell you to do your own due diligence.

Michael asks…

does anyone know of some inexpensive apartments in the houston area that allow pets?

I’m looking for a new place to live but I’m having trouble finding inexpensive apartments that allow pets.

I have two dogs; a large one and a small one.

Administrator answers:

Firstly, your dogs will need to be well-behaved. No apartment will take dogs that are not well-behaved. So work on any issues now!

Here are some places in Houston that take pets and are inexpensive (under $700/800)

1 Bedroom/1 Bathroom at Sugar Creek:

1 Bed / 1 Bath at Reading Park:

1 Bed/ 1 Bath Bradford Apartment:|oRzzPKI8JXl15Erx2I36MTiOvfyQ98vRoBm62lbHZtlxulPzAlpHCZJ8No3v5NHF-|fxgCahWUtEhVqg2CEjJqPXf0ElTe-|Ehht-|chpGjFV1pwt/JkXt4t9TUhYeUiYY&sid=8bc3dc52-90f2-4e5d-b2ad-b827f143b890&stype=seo%20city%20search

(This apartment varies widly in price, call and see what they can offer. They have apartments that
allow big and small dogs)

Studio/1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Westchase Ranch ($325 – 505 month plus $10 month per pet, and $400 damage deposit for the two dogs):

Call around, I found lots around Houston that allow pets!

Nancy asks…

about how much would utilities and rent cost a month in a one bedroom apartment?

im getting an apartment with my boyfriend in february, how much would it be (an estimate) a month? no cable or gas included.
i live in NEWYORK thanks.

Administrator answers:

Since you weren’t responsible enough to mention where you’ll be living, all I can say is pick up the local paper and see the classified ads for rentals.

Sandra asks…

In Texas, is it legal for an apartment complex to hire a licensed security officer without a guard company?

I just completed my level two training and there is an ad out for a security office in exchange for free rent? Is it possible for an apartment complex to do this without going through a guard company?

Administrator answers:

You are an independent contractor then.
Of course, it would be silly for the complex to do that as you cannot be there 24/7.

Donald asks…

What are safe and nice places to live in the Los Angeles area? Rent wise?

I’m thinking of moving to the LA area within a year or two and am trying to find reasonable places to rent an apartment. I want to live in a see and clean city something like Burbank or Pasadena. I don’t mind if it’s working class or blue collar just as long as its safe and clean and somewhat accessible. I’m thinking of rent at around 1300-1600 a month for a two bedroom so I can split rent with a roommate and end up paying between 650-800 a month.

Administrator answers:

That’s definitely possible to find places within that range.

When I first came to Los Angeles, I used Westside rentals. I was an apartment manager, and I also used Westside rentals in addition to classified ads and sometimes These are typically good places to find housing, but it’s best for you to come and take a close look at what you are getting into.

You really need to find a place with parking in most of Los Angeles. Make sure they are clear about your options with parking or public transportation. I highly recommend getting a bicycle, especially if you are looking to live close to where you are going to work. It will save you a lot of time and help give you an exercise routine. The weather is always nice enough to go on a bicycle, so take advantage of it.

Finally I’d recommend that you look into both and for some basics about what the city has to offer. They are good organizations with some serious resources for everyone.

Susan asks…

How much would the rent for an apartment for 3 persons cost per month in Bakirkoy, Istanbul?

I am looking to rent an apartment in the Bakirkoy district of Istanbul. How much should I expect to pay per month for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment there? (including the utilities: electricity, gas, and so on).
1000USD seems like a lot. I have heard that in Sisli a 2 bedtroom apartment goes for 1000YTL per month. Isn’t Sisli more expensive?

Administrator answers:

You should expect to pay between 750 to 1000 US dollars for rent.

Electricity, gas, water and phone bills are not included in the rent but you can assume at least 250- 300 US Dollars for 3 people monthly. It may be on the high side in winters because of gas and lower side if you use electricity reasonably- it is quite expensive in Turkey.

Here is a research result for apartments which are currently available:

You can also do more research in other real estate agencies which are in this Google search page:

Here is a link to a currency converter site:

Hope it helps

Lizzie asks…

If the apartment is listed at a lower price, can you make the manager reduce the price?

I’m looking to rent a new apartment. Online at quite a few different websites, the apartment is listed at 35 dollars less than what the Manager said on the phone. Is there a way to bargain with them to reduce the price back down? Please help!

Administrator answers:

Often the ads list one price and the manager will say another based on what the terms of the ad are. Often the lower price is based on it being an end unit or a middle level apartment vs an upstairs unit with a garage or parking next to the unit etc.
Ask the manager which apartment is available at the lower rate. Things are always open to negoitate, but it may not be for the exact thing you want.

David asks…

Does anyone know of any apartments in arizona?

In Tempe/chandler, near Ray/McClintock thats fairly cheap?
I’m turing 18 in a few months, and I really need an apartment.
Or anything near MCC or ASU?

Administrator answers:

Check, check your newspaper ads, check

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