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July 28, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What would be the best living situation for a 24 year old guy going to University in UK? Need advice please?

I just wanted to know as i am 24 and this would be my first time attending University, so i just needed some advice on what i should do about accommodation? I know i’m too old to stay in dorms, but will there be other apartment/flats to stay in? I don’t mind being mixed in with different people. Any advice would be great, thanks.
Also i am planning on moving away from my hometown/area.

Administrator answers:

I would recommend a house share with some other mature students. I’m sure their will be some ads up in the uni from people who want to split the rent somewhere. You probably want a place closer to the campus so you can still experience the student life. Visit your uni and start talking to other people because you could share with third year students in your first year.

Paul asks…

Have you ever used Craigslist to post an ad for Apartment Wanted?

I posted an ad(excluding all personal info except my email of course) asking if anyone has apartments available and how much we’re willing to pay. Do you think that i may get emails in regards to apartments to be viewed?
Harmony: My husband is receiving all of the contacts, so Im truly not worried about pervs..unless of course, they’re gay.

Administrator answers:

You might, but most people who have apartments for rent post their own ads and then wait for the calls to come in. I don’t know where you live, but I live in Chicago and you have to be really quick to respond to an apartment you like or it will get taken by someone else. I would just check the for rent ads, I think you will have more success that way.

Robert asks…

Is getting reliable and quiet housing more female friendly?

I see a LOT of discriminatory ads on craigslist asking for females only and this is a “penis-free” zone – without any regard to males who may be looking for rooms. I personally think it’s pretty sad that there has been so much uproar about religious and racial discrimination, but no one seems to care one bit about sexism? Just because I am male and looking for housing I may be biased – but I would tend to think any clear-headed professional and serious person would agree with me.

Administrator answers:

If some one is looking to share their home with someone else it is perfectly legal to only rent to a designated gender. If you are looking to rent an apartment where only you live in it the landlord can not discriminate.

There is never going to an uproar about single women desiring other women as roommates and not wanting some strange man to move in.

Sharon asks…

I inherited a house with an illegal basement apartment?

I live in Nassau county NY and I just inherited a house but it has a basement apartment which was done by a contractor=a legit one too but without any work permits=on the dl to save money by the previous owner. Other than not having the work permits how is it illegal? If there were work permits would it be legal? How can I make it legal so that I can sell the house?

Administrator answers:

You can legally sell the house but you can’t legally rent out the apartment. When you see the term “mother in law suite” in a real estate ad that means the basement apt. Could be used for a family member but not rented out to a tenant.

Ruth asks…

how to leave a message of renting apartment ?

in real estate column , i could only find how to rent apartment, however, i want to rent out apartment, where and how to leave such message? thank u your help.

Administrator answers:

If you want to rent out an apartment, you will need to contact the newspaper and tell them you want to place an ad for a property to rent. You pay them a fee, they will help you write the ad and your it will show up by the other ads in the next issue.

Betty asks…

When’s the best time to start looking for a flat for September?

I’m starting a new course in September and need somewhere to rent for a year. I’m going to be away from the middle of July until September so really need to find somewhere before I go away. Is now too early to start looking though? And what’s the best way to look, on the internet or with an estate agent?

Administrator answers:

Look at your school’s website regarding off-campus housing. There may be listings there for leases that will end at that time.

You could also contact property management offices in the area. You can find the legit ones on by seeing which ads look professional and link to a real website. If they rent to college students, they will have some leases coming up.

I manage an apartment building next to a university in California, and I get calls all the time asking to be put on a waiting list. I love getting good potential tenants on a waiting list. Saves me from having to advertise the unit and I get them rented much faster. So, I don’t think it’s weird for you to start looking now. In fact, the students who wait have a hard time finding housing.

Charles asks…

Is it possible to get an affordable appartment in Menroeville Pa?

I was thinking about going to school in Menroeville but not sure how much it would be if my boyfreind wanted to split the rent with me on a place there. It wouldn’t have to be directly in Menroeville just in driving distance. If someone could dirrect me on an afforable appartment that would be great.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know what you mean by “affordable”. However, you’ll discover the softer, easier, more affordable rentals are with those folks who decide to rent their own properties; usually with four units or less.

Get the local daily paper and the local weekly paper. Look in the “Rentals” or “Real Estate for Rent” or “Apartments for Rent”

You could also place your own ad for what you are looking for.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Helen asks…

How is Ahmedabad as a city to stay and settle?

I am planning to shift from Gurgaon/Delhi to Ahmedabad, how is Ahd as a city to live in terms of house rent (2-3 bedroom flat), schooling, non vegetarian food and how much would a decent flat cost if someone was to purchase it? Are there any Discos in Ahmedabad?
please share rental costs etc as well
where can i get non-veg food..i heard there’s very less food joints that do home delivery

Administrator answers:

Non-veg restaurants in Ahmedabad –[]=206&categoryname[]=203&categoryname[]=244&sortby=business_name_asc&city=Ahmedabad&category=2&locality=&pg=Search+Results+Tandoori+Restaurants+Non+Vegetarian+Restaurants+Halal

For real estate you can post classified ad here –|+Real+Estate+|+Houses+-+Apartments+for+Sale+

Schools in Ahmedabad –

Richard asks…

Im moving to Germany, where can I find neccessary info and paperwork for citizenship?

Im also looking for info on apartments or housing in Germany(cost & location). Not only am i in a wheelchair but im moving with a small dog. so, these r things to keep in mind.
also, can people still travel by boat?

Administrator answers:

You probably won’t want to give up your birth citizenship, no matter where you’re from. If you are an American, if you change your citizinship and then want to move back to the US at a later date, you WILL have lots of paperwork.

Instead of emigrating and getting a new passport, go there and live there for a while. You will not need a visa as mentioned above. If you have a job, then your employer will have to document this for you (showing that you have an income). You will then need a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) which is available at the Ausländeramt (Office for Foreigners). And lastly, you will have to rent a house/apartment and show that you have a physical address (don’t forget to to got the city hall where you live and register your address with them – “sich anmelden”).

It’s not as complicated as is may sound, but you REALLY need a job FIRST. Everything else will then fall into place.

Re wheelchair: this will not be easy, as there are many older buildings in Germany. I can only recommend putting a classified ad into the local newspaper mentioning that you need handicapped facilities. Good luck !

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