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August 5, 2013

Ruth asks…

Are the people charging fees for finding Apartments safe to use?

Ok, so I went through a whole bunch of advertisements and came across some listings that charge fees. I don’t mind paying a fee if they can set me up with a nice place for a good price. Their ads sound the best, but are these people really legit, or will they just steal my money and leave me homeless?

Administrator answers:

People … No.

A licensed broker AFTER you sign a lease … Yes.

And make sure they earn their fee by taking you to see the property, only showing you property that fits your requirements, negotiating the finer details with the landlord, etc …

I have used licensed brokers to find places in the past, and while expensive (usually 1 months rent), they can save you a lot of time and effort.

John asks…

Where to find community site to rent a flat in NJ?

I need to rent a flat in NJ for a few months. I dont want to search companies since I have to have credit score and some conditions i dont have since i am not american.
I need to search community, such as someone rents his upper floor…etc
Do you know any site can help me in this?

Administrator answers:

It is called an apartment and leases are for 12 months not a few months.
You need to check newspaper classified ads and real estate sites for the area in NJ you want.
All landlords do a background check.

Susan asks…

How do I find roommate wanted classified ads on yahoo?

Each time I search the Yahoo classified ads for roommates wanted it directs me to apartment complexes or real estate. I’m looking for someone who has a room for rent or sublease.

Administrator answers:


Carol asks…

How do you get a job working in an apartment office?

It seems like all you have to do is show people apartments, keep track of inventory & maintenance/repairs & be a total b*witch* to people who need 2 extra days to pay rent b/c they live paycheck to pay check?

I am told I am a b *witch* so how could i apply for one of these jobs I have NO experience except in THAT dept.

Administrator answers:

Look for ads in your area. You would probably start out as a leasing agent and then you might move up to asst manager or manager.

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