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August 25, 2013

John asks…

Does anyone know of nice apartments in san diego that doesn’t do a credit check?

Relocating to san diego from NJ soon and I am looking for an apartment complex that doesn’t do credit checks. One thats not in the “hood”…and is safe. I have an excellent job but my credit is kind of shaky. Perhaps even a private landlord that has a nice place and willing to not do a credit check. My background is excellent. I am in law enforcement. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

If it’s an apartment complex, they’re almost always going to do a credit check. Even as a landlord with just a couple of individual rental houses myself, I always do a credit check.

Probably your best best is, as you’re suggesting, to deal with a property where there is no property management company and you’re dealing with the landlord directly. To offset the risk the landlord is assuming, explain your situation and offer a very large deposit or pre-paid rent, which would cover at least 2-3 months rent. Assuming you’re able to do this and you otherwise appear reasonable to the landlord, that might do the trick. The landlord’s main concern is going to be that should you not pay your rent, he’s covered until you’re gone and he can get another tenant into the property. He also wants to be reasonably sure that you’re going to take fairly good care of the property while you’re there.

Look in local listings on either Craig’s list or the San Diego Union Tribune on-line, and maybe you can find hints in the ads that the property is being handled by the owner directly. I’m sure you’ve been advised that housing is relatively expensive here, but maybe you can find a smaller 3-4 unit property that has fairly low rents. Good luck.

Daniel asks…

Can I build credit in 3 months so I can rent apartment?

Very, very desperate to find an apartment. It seems a lot more difficult to find an apartment with no credit rather than bad credit.

I want to know if it is possible to build credit in 3 months? I HAVE to move in August. I’ve responded to a lot of craigslist ads but none of them replied because I said first hand that I do not have credit nor a cosigner.

I need an apartment in Chester County, PA.

Administrator answers:

Landlords do not require credit.
They just don’t want bad credit.

Prove to a landlord that you are financially capable of supporting that rent.
Make sure you have had a checking account for 1 year.
Have a savings with at least 5 months worth of income socked away.
Make sure you have had solid employment for 1 full year with tax returns.

At 19, I had no credit.
I went armed with copies of my checking and savings statments.
Copies of my tax returns, and proof that I had been employed for 1 year.
Just find something that is 25% of your income.
You won’t have any problems.

If you are hitting sites that require your credit reports upfront.
You are hitting a famous scam.
There is no apartment. They want to steal your identity or charge you for credit reports.
I went in person to look at apartments during the day.
The landlord is usually on the premises.
Take your bag and folders will all your papers and prove your case.

If you still run into problems, offer 6 months rent upfront.
Money talks.

Sharon asks…

What is better,to rent or to buy in Toronto,ON,Canada?

We will move to Toronto,ON,Canada on 20.01.07 and we have a budget of CAD 100.000.
What would be the better choice,to buy an appartment or to rent?
Some people told us that property taxes are so high that is not worth to buy still while browsing through ads on mls,we saw that common rent is somwhere in the CAD1000 area while the fees and taxes for the same 1bdr are somwhere in the CAD 450 area.
However,we will be newcomers there so we might not know some insider hints thats why we would appreciate any good advice.
We want to stay as close as possible to downtown,maybe North York or Etobicoke.

Administrator answers:

Renting should be the last resort if you can afford to buy. Buying builds equity whereas renting is basically building equity for someone else. I strongly suggest buying at least an apartment condo or a small home. Values continue to go up and the market is very strong right now. Good luck to you!

Robert asks…

Has anyone gone through rentalutions to find an apartment? There’s a fee involved and wonder if its a scam?

These ads are on craigslist almost every day.

Administrator answers:

NEVER pay a fee to find an apartment! If you are looking for an upscale home, condo or apt for rent, then use a real estate agent — the owner/landlord pays the RE commission.

Look on Craigslist — exercise personal protection precautions, check things out carefully, but you can find some wonderful deals with private owners. Look in your local newspaper’s classifieds — print or online editions!

Lisa asks…

How to find a transportation for moving out of dorm?

I am currently a freshman and decided to move to apartment across my campus. I have to move out for this summer and I am an international student. I am 18 years old and not eligible to rent a van. I will be needing a transportation for moving out. Anyone have any suggestions about what should I use? DHL? I was wondering whether I can use Taxi?

Administrator answers:

I suppose it depends on how much stuff you have and if you have any large items such as furniture.
If everything can fit into 2 or 3 boxes or suitcases, then maybe a taxi, otherwise check your local yellow pages for movers. Or find a friend with a vehicle. Or look for someone who has a pickup truck and offer them a little bit of money to help you move. Or post an ad. Or come up with a bunch more ideas of your own…you can’t expect me to go on forever at this.

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