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January 1, 2013

Susan asks…

Does this sound like an interesting story idea?

I recently wrote the preface to a novel i would like to start writing. Please tell me if you would read it or it sounds original and worth while to write! Thank you!

If you would have asked me about three months ago what I wanted to do when I was older, I can assure you my answer would be totally different than it is right now. I had always thought about maybe being a doctor or a teacher. The answers you expect to hear from a girl my age. My name is Kimber Harding. A few months ago, I was a normal fifteen year old living in a small sized house on Long Island New York. I lived with my mom, Stephanie, and my little twelve year old sister, Brielle. We were living off of the three jobs my mom worked hard to keep. She was a waitress at a local restaurant, a tutor, and she worked part time with a cleaning company. On the nights mom wasn’t working, you would probably find her at a fancy restaurant on a date with some rich, arrogant man. Those were the nights I made dinner for Brielle and I. My mom has been a single mom most of her life. My dad, who I never really knew, left when he found out my mom was pregnant with Brielle. They were never married. My mom was devastated to find out he had a wife and kids in the City. I didn’t think much of it, I was four and a half years old after all. I guess since I am so used to being without a dad in my life I don’t miss it. To be honest, I barely remember it.
Back to why my life is so different now. If you flip through the newest addition of Seventeen or Teen Vogue, well, there I am! If I look out my 23rd floor penthouse apartment window, I can see at least two billboards with my face slammed right in the middle of them. Usually promoting different things such as a new designer perfume or clothing line. Right now I am a full time high fashion model living in New York City! When I go shopping, I usually don’t have to pay for anything I buy, and at every day in the mail there is a new VIP party invite for me and who ever I want to bring. Every designer wants me for their upcoming fashion show, ad or editorial. How did all this happen? Well that’s kind of a long story, it’s the story I am about to tell.

Administrator answers:

Grammatical error!

“Those were the nights I made dinner for Brielle and I.”
Believe it or not, in this case should be:
“Those were the nights I made dinner for Brielle and myself.”

Why? Because if you took out “Brielle and,” then you’d get “Those were the nights I made dinner for myself.”

Betty asks…

Moving to Largo, FL from NY…?

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to the Clearwater/Largo area in September from New York. So far, we have had horrible luck trying to find a suitable apartment to live in. Either the area ends up being bad, or the people are completely unprofessional and don’t even call us back, etc. Like I said, horrible. We saw an ad on Craigslist for Avesta Jasper: 55 Jasper St, Largo, FL 33770 and it seems okay, but I like to be precautious, especially since we’re going to be moving from out of state and don’t know the area.
So, this question is for people who live or have lived in the Largo area and can tell me anything about this place, OR any place that is worth living/any other insightful feedback.

Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

Well if you are moving from out of state, then you probably already have jobs lined up. What I would do if I were you, is to either go down there THIS month, and scope out some areas. (And important to check them out at NIGHT also.) Then find a place, that may be a bit more expensive, but at least after a few months you can get to know different areas then move again later into a less expensive place. I would also check into private properties, like house for rent. Esp if you can afford that. Then at least you wont have screaming stomping 2 year olds above you when you are trying to sleep at 430 in the morning. On a Saturday. Good luck.

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