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May 4, 2012

Jenny asks…

Apartments in Montreal?

What does “4 1/2″, “2 1/2″, “5 1/2″ etc mean in Montreal apartment ads? I know it is not the number of bedrooms, as I see ads that say ’4 1/2 apartment, 3 bedroom…’

Administrator answers:

Typically, a 4 1/2 apartment will have “four rooms and a bathroom”. The bathroom is what makes up the 1/2 room. The four rooms generally consists of two bedrooms, living room, and a kitchen. The dining room is a table in the kitchen, or a table in the living room.

In some parts the kitchen is a dinette area that is part of one larger main room, which you often see in the smaller 3 1/2 or 2 1/2 apartments. They put cupboards/sink/stove/fridge along one wall, and the large living room gives you space to put a dining table along with the sofa and TV area.

If shopping for an apartment in Montreal, you will want to find out a few other things:

1) Are the appliances included (fridge/stove/dishwasher)?

2) Are there a place for washer/dryer, or do you have a common laundry room in the apartment complex? If not, how close is the nearest public laundromat?

3) Is heating or air conditioning included? In some places, that is not part of your lease and you must pay a separate bill for their costs.

William asks…

Issues with the landlord?

I have an apartment in Montreal,Canada whose lease finishes on the 1th of July.We called the landlord a month before and advice her that we r moving out.I even found a storage for our stuff and a plane tickets as we r moving back to Europe.
We asked if she needs a writen notice and she said no that she will come and sign the cancelation of the lease.However,she never did and we weren’t able to get in touch with her.
I know she put an ad for the apartment but she also said we have to pay the rent too coz we can’t break the lease until she founds someone else.W.T.F???
I called the Regie du logement and was told that i was suppose to send a written notice !!!

So actually the stupid B tricked us.I don’t know what to do.I put an ad for the apartment myself in order to find someone to take over the “unexisting lease”.

I want to fail a complain but what r my chances?Has anyone here been in similar situation?

IF so pls pls advice me.I don’t know what to do

Administrator answers:

You did drop the ball a bit when you didn’t send her a certified letter stating your intent on not renewing the lease and moving.

You are not breaking a lease after July 1st. After your initial lease is up, you would become a month to month renter and could give a 30 day notice of your intent to move. What I would do NOW is give her a notice that you are moving. Do it in writing.

The most you may end up having to pay since you didn’t do this in writing is 1 month. My guess is, she would try to keep your rental deposit to cover it.

You learned a good lesson though: Always get it in writing. People will say things, and then renege to suit their situation.

Robert asks…

whaaaat do i do? please i need help it’s important?

ok here’s my story:
i live in Montreal and i was looking for a 4 in a half apartment on i saw an interesting ad and wrote back to the owner of the apartment via e-mail. he explained to me that he wasn’t here in montreal he was in west africa with his family due to a transfer of some sort. i just had to fill a few questions and he would send me the keys and documents. the information required was my full name, address, postal code, how old i am, if i was married, what occupation, if i had pets, how many ppl were to live in his place, how long we wanted to stay there, when did we need the aparment for. i answer all of these questions and sent him an other e-mail after that one and got a postmaster. this e-mail no longer exist. should i be worried. if so, what can i do about this?

Administrator answers:

This looks like some sort of phishing.

If you really only supplied the things you said, I am not sure what he would be able to do with all that information. The only use seems to me some marketing purposes, but that he could steal something from you or commit some other fraud seems unlikely.

Don’t sweat it. Maybe it wasn’t anything at all.

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