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June 14, 2012

Susan asks…

How can I get my apartments in NEWARK, NJ rented out?

I own a multi unit property in Newark, NJ, each 3 bedroom units, I live in New York, how can I get it rented out, I out ads in Star ledger, and hired a company called Jersey Apt. Co. but it is still vacant. What can I do?
I spent tons of money on advertising already, ny post/ star ledger/ tried craigslist/.

it is in the vailsburgh section of newark, this area won’t really appreciate (retnal income wise) pool and luxury amenities.

they are 3 bedroom units, other places are asking $1200, I lowered the asking rent to $1085, and only one months rent and security deposit.

thanks; I had a FOR Rent sign in front of the house for over 6 months, I get one call a month, none of whom are qualified as renters.

also what is “Jewish lightening”?????


Administrator answers:

I find that a simple “For Rent” sign works great in the low income rental market.

Michael asks…

Is it illegal to post an apartment for rent by the tenant?

I am a tenant in NJ who is breaking the lease to purchase a home in PA. I was advertising the apartment on Craigslist and and was told by Management that it is illegal and to remove the ad. Does anyone have any views on this? Please advise. I thought my intentions were good.
My lease does not say anything about whether or not subleasing its illegal or not illegal. I stated the Management contact information, amenities, and pictures.
Can anyone show me where on the internet it states that it is illegal? I’m sorry, as I believe many of you who are telling me the same thing, I like to see the cold hard facts on paper as many times the Management Company that I rent from have not followed laws themselves.

Administrator answers:

Yes, it is illegal. You can not advertise property for rent unless you are the owner or a real estate agent hired by the owner.

Richard asks…

How do I get out of my lease?

I have lived in an apartment complex in Hamilton NJ for about 5 years. I am at this point under-employed, working full time and searching for new work every day while using all my free time to train for a better job.

The problem is I can no longer afford to hold the apartment, and do not want to room with anyone other than my girlfriend. So I called the rental office and asked how I could get out of my lease. I thought worst case they required 3 months to move. My lease is in effect til April of ’10.

They told me that I could NOT get out of the lease, but I COULD sublet the place. I put an ad in craigslist and showed it to a few people. I called the rental office back and told them I could probably find a subletter.

At that point what I was told was a complete 180. They said that I could NOT sublet, and that I had to pay the rent with my own funds and no one else’s until the lease was up in April. This was because my name was on the credit app and on the lease.

I have since moved myself and all my things into my girlfriend’s apartment in north jersey and am contributing the full fair amount to her rent.

So what I can’t figure out is the following… why I could sublet and now I can’t. In other words, why would they suggest this course of action and then change their tune. And what power do they have to hold me in the lease? Can they evict me (which I wouldn’t mind at this point) and force me to pay the rest of the lease or it will damage my credit?

I’ve considered going ahead with the sublet and not telling them. But I wouldn’t want to get either myself or the new renter in trouble.

Administrator answers:

You did not need to call them; your lease states whether you can or not. IF you are not permitted to, you may instead, sublet but
you remain the LL of the replacement tenant;

you are their LL till YOUR lease runs out; if you find such a person
you give them YOUR own lease you create and you collect rent, etc.
YOU do not volunteer that you have a SANDWICH TENANT
which is what this is called.

DO NOT VOLUNTEER to your LL that you are going to
create a sandwich tenancy with a new tenant.
You are welcome to call any RE atty to confirm what I have
told you!

On your last day of legal tenancy obligation, return for the
walk through.

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