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August 22, 2012

Lisa asks…

I need a link with classified ads in New York City (Greenwich )?

I’m looking for apartments in NYC in the Greenwich area as I will be going to school at NYU, so I need the online ads for that area? Thank you for your help =]

Administrator answers:


Sharon asks…

Renting an apartment…work for a temp agency?

I am working for a temp agency …been at the same job for over 3 months and I have close to 2 years rent saved up. I need to find my own apartment bad. Do you think I will have any luck with this in NYC? When replying to an ad should I tell them right away I work for a temp agency and I can pay a few month in advance?

Administrator answers:

Depends on your previous work history…but I worked for a temp agency many years ago and had no problem whatsoever getting an apartment while on their payroll. If it turns out to be a problem, pay several months’ rent up front since you have the money available. Cash talks–loudly–with property managers.

Steven asks…

Where can I find low-priced NYC apartments?

I just posted a question and showed this ad . A few people said that was expensive. How and where can I find something cheaper?
I meant a site or place I can browse. Not a borough. It has to be in the Bronx.

Administrator answers:

I assume you’re going to fordham, that’s why you need it in the bronx?

Riverdale & Throgs Neck are expensive and out of the way. Try Pelham Bay or the Pelham Parkway area, or Moshulu Pkway.

Paul asks…

What is a California Kitchen?

I am looking at apartments in NYC and one of the ads says “California kitchen” and I was unable to google what it is. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

There is a company called “California Kitchens” and another called “California Kitchen Creations”, but neither has a signature look or redesign trademark. If I were guessing, I’d guess that it’s an open floorplan, a custom chef’s kitchen, or a redesign.

Carol asks…

How can I become a housecleaner/keeper safely, here in NYC?

Hi everyone. I live in NYC. I just graduated from nursing school and for people like me…well…work doesn’t entirely exist. Most places will not hire me because I’m a newbie and/or I don’t speak Spanish (looking for classes to learn Spanish..but everything seems expensive).

Anyway…after tons of applications, I have decided I should just do what I am good at, until this economy gets better…clean. Here’s the problem. My husband is set against it because he worries too much. That’s understandable. Everytime I have posted a craigslist ad, I get tons of psychos and perverts. Is there a safe way to go about being my own housecleaner? I don’t want to work for a company because they tend to try to pay $8-12/hr and profit off of you way too much. My idea is to charge 10 cents per square foot of house. So if someone has an 800 sq. foot 2 bed apartment..I would charge $80. That would include everything…except a happy ending! ha…I’m getting tired of pervs replying to my ads asking if I’ll do that. How do I get around this hump? I’m 25 and can’t stand sitting around not working.

Administrator answers:

I’m with you on that one! I can’t stand sitting around not working and most places haven’t even gotten back to me.

I think it’s a good idea to do what you’re best at rather than working at a store or something, so why not make flyers, with Contact information and tell a little bit about yourself and wait for people to call/email you? That’s the only thing I can think of. If you live in Manhattan, You should try going to Stuyvesant town and put flyers there because I heard the people that live in those buildings pay a good amount of money for baby sitting or doing any kind of job for them.

I hope you find something!
I wish you luck, very much!

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