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September 28, 2012

James asks…

Adopting an Older Pomeranian? Questions about this breed?

There is an ad for a 6 year old Pom for adoption. I would only adpot a rescue dog and I have always said that I would give an older dog a forever home. I do have some questions about the breed. In my research, it says that Poms are barky and very high energy. I live in a NYC apartment; this would be an issue. I have a (rescued) kitty. Do poms generally get along w. other pets? Another consideration for me is how long can I leave a dog of this size home alone? *I am a very responsible pet owner and am trying to consider all angles of this adoption. For instance, if I were to go to the beach at 8A and return at 6P, would this be to long for the lil Pommie to be indoors? Is the Pom’s coat difficult to maintain? Is there anything else you can tell me about these critters?

Administrator answers:

To find out if the dog is a little barky or high energy, ask the adoption center if you can take the dog for a walk outside the center and spend an hour w/ the dog. This will help you see the dogs personality better outside the center. The dog is 6 years old and shouldnt be that hight energy anymore. But oh my, I have met 12 year old dogs who run and play as much as a pup! So, it really just depends. Still he should get 2 small walks a day to get some exercise.

As for the kitty, how about bring her to the shelter with you? Have the pom check the cat out and see how she does. If not, ask the shelter how the Pom does with cats. Usually they will temperament test them and will know what the dog does and doesnt do good with.

Everyone goes out and has some fun once in awhile. I have a 6 year old pekingese and he is left alone from 7AM – 3PM (she gets out 2:30 and gets home at 3) until my sister gets home from school. Thats about 8 hours. Before she even puts the gate down (we have him in the kitchen, and the entrance is blocked w/ a baby gate) she takes him outside and he goes. Now, 10 hours is a different story! I would see if one of the other tennents could take her out around 2-3 o’clock. I cant even hold my pee for 10 hours! LOL An older dog can yes, be left alone for 8 hours MAX.

The Pom’s coat needs brushing every day if possible. If not every other day should be fine. They have beautiful coats so matting can be a problem! With my peke, I take him to the groomers about every 2-3 months. He gets a semi-short puppy cut. I brush him about 2 times a week to keep him matt free. You can get the Pom trimmed short so make it easier on you. Just DONT get it shaved, the long double coat actually keeps it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Here is some more info on Poms:

Adopting an older dog is so rewarding! They usually never get adopted because of their age. You are doing a great thing :]

I hope everything works out!

Sharon asks…

International Student in NYC – How do I get a decent place to live (rent/sublet) with no job & credit history?

I’ve been apartment hunting in Manhattan for over five months now and I’m still going nowhere.

I have no credit history because I moved to the US last summer, and never had a credit card etc. Both my parents are fully employed and take care of all my financial needs because I can’t really get a decent job with my F-1 Visa restrictions.

Another obstacle is the fact that my parents are out of the country – they cannot co-sign the lease or be guarantors. I’ve looked by myself since March and couldn’t rent, I looked with two employed friends all summer, but we were still unsuccessful at landing a place (there were many complications)

Now I’m back to square one. I’m scouring craigslist for sublet and roommate ads, and e-mailed a bunch of people. My main question is: Can I get a decent sublet without a job or credit history? What other info should I provide in order to land a place? What do these people want to hear?

My parents are willing to pay up to 1800 a month for a decent studio sized place, and these roommate/sublet ads are roughly around 900-1400 a month. They also have been paying my school tuition on time (including one year of dorming). So I know they won’t have a problem with the money, but will subletters believe it? What could I show to prove this? I’ve been getting positive responses, but I’m worried that this credit check is going to be a problem.

I’m new to all this, pleeease help.

Administrator answers:

Studying in NYC as a young adult without the full financial and legal support of your parents is extremely stressful, so I sympathize. After five months it may be time to call off the search for formal apartment leases or sub-lets given your lack of documentation and your parents’ absence. One option would be to stay with a friend or stranger without that person’s landlord’s knowledge. You’ll face the risk of eviction, as well as a high risk of robbery if you have anything of value, but it may be a way to sleep indoors during the course of your studies.

I assume you’ve spoken with your educational institution about housing options. If they can’t help you directly, perhaps they can refer you to current or past students who have succeeded in finding housing. I’ve known a number of people who struggled to find a place to live while at university in the City, so I understand your frustration and wish you the best of luck.

Mandy asks…

WHAT I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT NEWYORK? moving to NYC at the end of the month and I would like to know anything that will help me trasition easily as I begin living there.

Finding a roomate/apartment:been on craiglist are there any other websites.

Finding a job:been sending out resumes on yahoo,monster,craiglist….would like to know if there other sites/staffing agencies I may need to look up.

AC:how come some apts/rooms have an AC and others don’t….have been seeing this on some of the ads I looked at.What is the deal with the AC and where do you get one???

The gym:Need to know what gyms are available

Thanxs a bunch!Am super excited about moving….alwayz wanted to do this.
I need info.Positive responses please.I need a job but I have the resources to survive for a couple of months.

Administrator answers:

If you don’t have an air conditioner and you feel you need one, you buy it, either at an appliance store like PC Richards, online, or used at a stoop sale or off Craigslist. Make sure you get one that fits your window. Also, make sure you can afford it — air conditioning at home is something that most people (barring serious health problems) can live without for a while to save money.

Job hunt: you’ve hit the big ones. Difficult to help you without any idea what field/type of job you’re hunting for. There are temp/staffing agencies but they are overwhelmed right now with laid off folks desperate for any job.

Gym: Varies drastically depending on what part of town you’re in and your price range. Here’s a partial list: but there are also many others, ranging from City recreation centers (very cheap to join, but also bare-bones facilities) and other branches of the YMCA (the Bed-Stuy Y is only $43/month for gym and pool) and additional boutique options like David Barton and the Printing House. If you have a general idea of where in town you’ll be living, you can do a Google Local search for “gym” near your address and get a good look at the options. But again, if you’re there unemployed in the summer, running in the park is a more-or-less free temporary alternative to joining an expensive gym.

Good luck.

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