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October 22, 2012

James asks…

List of ‘public’ Universities in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn.?

I can see all the universities in Google maps, I but don’t know which ones are public and which ones are private. I’m looking to move to NYC or the surrounding area and my sister suggested going to public colleges (not private) and looking at flyer ads for students looking to find a roommate. I’ll start out by staying with friends I know until I find my own place. Also if you could throw down any other advice on finding an apartment or place to stay so I have more options than Craigslist, it’d be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Public universites (as you call them) would fall under:

The City University of NY (CUNY): (for the various colleges that are part of CUNY)

New York University (NYU): (for the various colleges that are part of NYU)

Long Island University (they have a campus in Brooklyn)

There is also the very well known Columbia University in Manhattan:

I can’t offer any advice on the housing question.

Good Luck.

Maria asks…

Modeling as a side job?

I did a lot of modelling when I was young (too young to remember, for the most part), and have had it mentioned to me several times recently. While I don’t think I’m ugly, I’m not sure I have what it takes to model at this point in my life. If somebody compliments me, it’s generally “cute”, not pretty , which doesn’t strike me as particularly…model-esque? However, money is a bit tight for me at the moment and was wondering if I have what it takes (looks wise) to do some part-time modelling, and if that’s something that’s realistic (in terms of it just being a side-job to earn some extra money). I wouldn’t be looking for anything super serious (high fashion, catwalk etc.), just maybe smaller catalogue/ad type things. What do you think? Be totally honest. I’m just curious so you won’t be crushing my dreams or anything.

I’m 18, in college with my own apartment and living just outside NYC, by the way.

I’ve gotten a haircut since the most recent of the pics (yesterday actually). It’s about an inch below my shoulders, and frames my face a bit more.

Administrator answers:

Modeling is super competitive and really hard to “make it” in that industry. Maybe try doing something different with your hair & getting bangs… Like square-ish, straight-across ones. Not to be mean, just a suggestion. If you wanna try, go for it. Get some head shots done.

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