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November 7, 2012

Richard asks…

Trying to move to the city…?

I, and possibly a friend, am trying to move back to NYC. We are trying to find a decent apartment from a reliable agency/broker/established-renter/etc. I have tried craigslist but you never know what you are getting by doing that. We dont want to pay more than $1500 a month, and are looking for something near transportation as neither of us have a car. This is not an ad requesting answers of people who have apartments for rent. It’s me asking if anyone knows of any reliable agency/broker/established-renter/etc. that you have dealt with before and are reliable. PLEASE don’t say craigslist. Thanks! This is for NYC – every borough except Staten Island. =] thanks!!

Administrator answers:

1,500 is not going to get you much. If that was my budget I’d be looking in say, sunset park or greenwood heights (I like Brooklyn).

Not sure why you won’t do craigslist. Yeah there are sketchy people on there but you have to use your intelligence to weed out the wackos over the phone and thru email.

Brokers are going to want 15% of the annual rent.

Annual rent: 1500/month x 12 months = $18,000

18,000 annual rent x 15% broker’s fee = $2,700 total brokers fee

That’s 20,700 for the first year.

If you instead spend your broker’s fee on rent you can then afford up to $1725/month on rent in your first year.

(all this assumes you are only going to stay in your place for one year, which hopefully will not be true, but you get the idea).

Whether you are going through a broker or no I think you need first think about what neighborhoods you might be interested in and then narrow it down to no more than three to actually look in.

Hope this helps.

Lisa asks…

WHere Can I Advertise New York Apartments To French Nationals?

I rent vacation rentals in NYC and while I have ads in some vacation rental listing pages, and I use craigslist, I would like to really target France a lot more. I have had great feedback from my French clients, they’re polite, neat, don’t complain about anything, and they always give me return business.

I hate craigslist because of the scammers, and because I’m limited to the NYC page, the French page is sparce and doesn’t really target people visiting NYC, but French people looking for places in France.

Is there a good free site where I can advertise to French people my NYC vacation rentals?

Administrator answers:

Be sure to list your vacation rentals on Roomorama, an online marketplace for short term rentals. It’s completely free to list and super easy too.

Check out the other NYC listings here:

Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

Where to look for apartments sold by owners?

ive been looking at craigslist and there are some decent ads. i had a couple friends refer me to it because they got their places from craigslist. it seems like the best place to find places from no-fee brokers or even better by the owners.

i live in nyc btw. the mid-town/upper east side area to be specific. im going to be living way up the east side (not harlem though. not that far lol) im probably going to live in brooklyn or queens my senior year though. queens definitely seems to have more for your money apartments. i went to go see this one place i found on craigslist and i fell in love but the parents are determined to make me wait.

so are there any other places to find no-fee brokers for the new york area or apartments sold by owners directly? also are there any cons to not wasting money on a broker??

Administrator answers:

Do you mean places SOLD or RENTED by owners?

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