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April 27, 2012

Lizzie asks…

What is a disclosure fee, to see an apartment in NYC?

I was looking for apartments in The Village on craigslist. And I called one ad, and they asked me to pay a disclosure fee of $1.99 online to see the property. I have never heard of that before. Is this a scam? Pleasssse hellppp. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

If they are sending you links telling you to pay it prior to even meeting them in person, via credit or bank card, or bank account information do not fall for it. They will charge or take a lot more than $1.99 before its all said and done. Tell them to stick it up the wazoo. Matter of fact, if you are going to pay it tell them you will meet them at the apartment, and you will pay them in cash once they unlock the door to prove that they will show you the apartment. But then again, it is NYC, just dont go for it. Let it go. No matter how good it might sound. If its too good to be true, it probably is.

Mandy asks…

Where do I find a list of good NYC rental companies, brokers and agents?

Where do I find a list of good NYC rental companies, brokers and agents?

Hi all,

I am looking for NYC summer sublet and temporary housing. As I am away from NYC currently, I won’t be able to do the Craigslist approach and use the individual apartment ads

So I am primarily looking for rental companies, brokers and agents, hotel monthly deals. My target is central Manhattan area. Could anybody point me to a list of top/good rental companies, brokers and agents with contacts?

Thanks a lot!

Administrator answers:

Central Manhattan:

Maria asks…

NYC apartment — bad economy — what can I do? ?

I live in NYC in a 3-bedroom apt. I have a roommate and we need to fill the 3rd room by Feb. The total rent for the apt is $3000. We’ve filled it many times before but now no one is responding to our ads (craigslist, villagevoice, NYU). I think this is because of the bad economy. My other roommate is losing her job in 2 months (which is a whole other problem). We tried to talk to the management company about breaking our lease in the next few months (before it ends in sept) and they were jerks about it. I am getting ill because I know in two weeks we will not have the rent — let alone what will happen in future months. What can I do? Any advice? thank you.

Administrator answers:

Let the person move in without security and sign a seperate sub lease with them that goes month to month. It stinks that you can’t get security from them but that is really the problem of the person who moved out, they have to wait until the lease runs out to get that back but if this person does not pay, you can throw them out because they are not on the master lease.

Running a discount can’t hurt. BTW, what is the address? I might be interested.

Mark asks…

Are the supposed “no-fee” NYC apartments on Craigslist legit?

or are they just brokers in disguise? I have seen a lot of the same photos in different ads for different apartments.

Administrator answers:

Some are legit. I’ve called a couple. If the same phots are on different ads then yes, those are brokers in disguise. Sometimes you can tell by the wording too. It sounds like salespeople. Regular ol’ folks tend to have more typos in their ads too.

Joseph asks…

What Jersey City Apt Complex is being advertised in NYC cabs right now?

When I was in the city last month, I saw an ad for an apartment complex in Jersey City that seemed promising, on the cab advertisment TV ads.

Administrator answers:

If I had to guess, it would be the 77 Hudson Building. Http://

I have seen it on LX-TV (Chanel 4.2) often so that could be it.


It’s the same building where you could have looked out and see the Miracle on the Hudson.
Sorry but I only take cabs if I can expense it back to my job and that’s twice a year.

Good luck in your search.

Sandy asks…

Where do I find legitimate apartment listings in the NYC?(Craigslist is full of scams!). Know good resources?

Real CL Ad: $125/mo. for apt. on the Upper East Side–really!?

Administrator answers:

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