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June 12, 2012

Michael asks…

How do you connect to the internet in france?

Um, ok, that was a stupid question, but I know my apartment will have ADSL, but do I need to deal with any new cables/cords?

Administrator answers:

Simple answer: no

check on the power adapters you will need for all your electronics, but you wont have any problems with computer/internet connections other than the power cable going from the power outlet to your computer and to your router (if you are using one)

Mandy asks…

What is involved in getting Naked ADSL+2 installed? (Melbourne, VIC).?

I am interested in getting naked broadband (I have done some research and am interested in Internode). There is a phone line in my apartment which I don’t use. However, I am a renter (and tech retarded) and can’t modify the apartment at all – does having this installed actually affect how the phone line will work in the future? How exactly does the installation process work?

Administrator answers:

There isn’t really an installation process as such. You don’t need your old line ripped up or anything like that. The only real difference between Naked ADSL+2 and normal ADSL+2 is that when you have Naked ADSL+2, you do not need to pay for line rental.

Linda asks…

People in Beijing: ADSL?

hi guys,
i am now in beijing china to study. I live in this apartment where we have to apply for ADSL. They make you input tcpip, ip and dns numbers. They then require you to download a software (I think its their own firewall) which requires you to log in. Then you can use the net. Is there a way through this? To make the router auto login so i can use the wifi.
I have room mates so we went out and bought a wifi router. I set up the ip’s, dns etc number in the router and it just leads to their server website. I cannot do anything from there. Can you help me? The router being in chinese language makes it alot tougher hehe. I cannot seem to set it up right. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The CNC have an incharge was for every colony, moslty they have a board of his name, picture and phone number at the gate of the building. You can call him and he will be there within 1 hour to fix any kind of problem. (you can call him only at work time : 8:00am to 5:00pm)

Richard asks…

Phone and ADSL with only one phone socket?

I have signed up for ADSL, but I only have one phone socket in my apartment. Is it possible to have both ADSL and my phone using that socket? If so, how? Do I use a splitter or is there a modem which I can plug the phone into or something?

Also, could you recommend an ADSL2+ modem for me (as I intend on converting to ADSL2+)? I’m thinking Billion, but I’m not sure which version to get. I’m Australian, so I have to be able to buy and use it in Australia.
I’ve signed up with Internode and I am getting my own modem.

Administrator answers:

If you have signed up with Telstra, they will supply you all the hardware you need. You will get a modem and a splitter box, and a CD that teaches you how to set it all up. With the splitter box you only need one phone line, & you can make/receive phone calls while the computer is going. The conversion will use the same modem, but if you have to buy your own I suggest a Siemen’s 4200. But ask for advice from your local computer supply shop.

Donna asks…

Broadband options at Memorial Heights, Newbury Park, Ilford?

I’m moving into an apartment there soon and I was wondering what broadband options except from BT are available there.
Is there an ethernet connection possibility in the apartments? Cable? ADSL?
Does anybody know?


Administrator answers:

I live in an apartment not far from you and contacted NTL who were able to provide me with BB here. You can probably check from their website if your postcode is available to receive their service

Good luck and nice apartments too!!

Chris asks…

How do I get wireless internet through a computer on ADSL or cable modem?

My roommate and I are going to rent an apartment. We each have a laptop. The owner said he would install ADSL or cable internet for us. If my roommate connects to the landline, what do I need to install to get wireless internet?

We are both pretty clueless about this so the simpler the explanation, the more helpful it will be. Is there a product you can recommend? Does it matter that I have a Mac and my roommate has a PC?

Thanks everyone for your input! I’ll try Linksys when I move in.

Administrator answers:

Linksys baby linksys! :) You basically need to get a wireless router which connects to your cable modem. I don’t know how it is done w/ DSL – but i DO suggest cable modem / cable internet over DSL – so much faster and more reliable! The Linksys was pretty easy for me to setup, I think it would be easy for you guys to setup too. :)

And no your roomates mac and pc can definitely share the connection! May help to find a friend who knows a thing or two about computers and networking who can help you setup properly…you should be fine, but can get a little confusing if you know nothing.

Betty asks…

Will cat5 wiring help for last few meters of my phone line(for ADSL internet).pls read descriptn of wiring?

the phone line from my telephone xchange to apartment‘s outside (lets call it point A) is regular copper wire. I use ADSL internet thru phone line. i plan to replace the wiring from point A to my living room (point B) which is 6 metres. Will it benifit using cat 5 cable for it? NOTE: The 6 metre wire would end in ADSL splitter(filter) and another 1 metre wire from splitter(filter) to my dlink adsl router. So, my question is.. for the mentioned 6 metre + 1 metre, does it help using a cat 5 wire (with RJ11 jack (using 2 out of 8 cat5 wires)? rather than using regular good quality flat phone cable? i was just curious if the wiring from tel exchange to my home is regular copper wire, does cat 5 for the last few metres help? i have been reading positive reviews about using cat5 for phone line’s adsl signal wiring in home?. please dont ask how will i crimp rj11 to cat5 if u dont know that it can be done. (some ppl asked a countr qstn as if i was ridiculuous)

Administrator answers:

Copper is copper. Therefore, you’re not going to get improved perfomance if you switch from 4-wire to 6-wire cabling. Unless you happen to be in a noisy RF environment, shielded CAT5 won’t buy you much more than unshielded CAT5.

Rewiring for CAT5 may make it easier to retrofit an ethernet LAN over those cables in the future if you choose to route your phone line somewhere else.

Oh, actually, it’s easy to bridge a 4-wire to 6-wire using a patch panel, as long as you know which pair of wires goes where.

Helen asks…

Replacing single pair phone cable to Cat5 from box outside my home to adsl filter improve connection quality?

Normal POTS solid copper wire frequency is upto 1.1 MHz .. i found out. Telephone company copper wire pair ends outside my apartment into a small box and. From there on, it is connected to a paired solid copper wire which enters my home until my ADSL filter and from filter to my ADSL2+ router.

My question is.. if i replace the paired solid copper telephone wire which starts from outside my home with a CAT 5 cable, am i giving more bandwidth to my adsl modem to send data to ISP. modem? does that improve connection quality?

using all 4 pairs of cat5 which I would be joined to a single wire before crimping it ) ie connecting multiple wires in parallel improve connection?

how does different types of wires in series affect bandwidth?

Administrator answers:

You are missing the big picture.
– You are still using the same wires from the central office to your home.
Move to Sonoma CA
– Surfing at a billion bits per second –

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