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November 4, 2012

George asks…

Can I get the internet in Ukraine?

I’m so sorry if this question makes me sound like a retard or offends anyone.

I visiting my grandmother in Ukraine between november 2010 – feburary 2010

and my grandmother doesn’t have the internet. She lives in a big apartment block but I really need the internet while I’m there. She lives in simferopol crimea ukraine. Do you think i can get the internet out there for 3 months or not? Like ADSL or cable. Not dial-up. Anything but dial-up and satelite.

Administrator answers:

If you speak russian, or have a friend who speak russian, you’ll find that there are many ISP’s there. Let me warn you – prices will wary, same as service. You might not get what you have been promised. Best to ask around and have a feedback from people who already used that service. Traffic is usually limited.
If it’s an emergency – there are internet cafe that you can go to.

Joseph asks…

DSL to 2 separate computers in different rooms?

OK so I want to have my Xbox360 setup to run directly off my router, and also put my desktop computer upstairs on DSL line not wireless. Call me old fashion and cheap, but I do not want to buy a wireless card for the PC as I prefer the security of a wire… I don’t have a problem buying another router as long as I don’t have to pay double for my DSL. My current router is a 2701HG-D. Any suggestions/links/help on how to solve this tiny problem would be awesome.

About my setup: I live in a 2 story family housing apartment close to my University that is owned by the University… We HAVE TO USE Qwest for phone & internet, however cable is a separate company and provided free. We also CANNOT put holes in our walls or change any of the original wiring and we have to have the ADSL cables which are not the ethernet size. I have a phone jack upstairs by my desktop and the router is sitting downstairs running directly to my xbox.
I could probably run the dsl cable from the router, ran the cable TV upstairs and it’d be pretty much the same path although they inspect sometimes and i just have it lightly tacked in so when they inspect i just pull them out and wrap the cord up. I don’t know the quality of cable we have in the apartments though =S

Administrator answers:

Can you get a 1000 ft of cable and run it yourself with a staple gun or would that be against the rules as well? What exactly does the original wiring consist of? No CAT5 cable I’m guessing?

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