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May 15, 2012

Laura asks…

Need Apartment Near Antipolo Philippines With ADSL Connection?

Im looking for a place not to far from Antipolo with ADSL. I do call center work from home via IP phone and I need good stable 2 way connection. There is 2 others that work with me and we will lose the contract and our jobs if our phone line quality is to bad. We have been using wireless but we have to stop work if it rains hard and we have been warned they will find somebody else to do their work if we dont improve it.

Any other suggestions are welcome.


Administrator answers:

I think it’s not possible unless you subscribed your telephone line with ADSL.

Joseph asks…

I have adsl broadband… I want to allow other people in our apartment passworded access through our computer.?

What would I need to set this up?
The walls central to the apartments,,,, seem to block the signal, what can we do about this?
I have a spare adsl wireless HUB…. Can I use this?

Thanks for any help…

Administrator answers:

You need to do 2 things
1) Purchase a wireless/wired router if your spare ADSL hub is actually wireless hub router then it should work fine.

If the signal is a problem you should be able to use powerline adapters – these use mains wiring instead of a long ethernet cable. You plug a powerline adapter into one of the ethernet ports on the router and into a local mains socket and another adapter into your computer ethernet port and a nearby mains socket

2) If you mean file sharing on your PC (your question is a little vague) then enable file sharing on your computer and set up all the PCs with the same network name so they can see the files on your computer. The shared files can be password protected for read write access

File sharing and password protection is probably beyond the scope of yahoo answers – there are plenty of internet sources out there on the subject

Mark asks…

Rented apartments with adsl internet connection in Bangkok or Chang Mai?

I want to spend around 150 to 200 dollars a week renting an air-conditioned apartment with adsl internet in downtown Bangers, Chang Mai, or somewhere on Phuket.

Administrator answers:

I have a condo in Bangkok with DSL and I pay $250.00 in US dollars. You won’t need to pay as much as you are budgeting to be in a nice building that is clean, safe and secure. An alternative to DSL at home is Internet Cafes. They are all over the place and are 20-30 Baht an hour which is 50-75 cents. You’ll want to get out and walk around alot anyway so you can easiely find one anytime, anyplace. Have you been to BKK before? Great place to visit or live.

Charles asks…

Is it possible for a new elevator to mess up my adsl line?

Recently we had a new elevator installed in my apartment block and since then I have been experiencing problems with my ADSL connection. My ISP provider says there isnt a problem on the line, so it must be something wrong in my house. So, is it possible for a high-voltage line for the elevator to cause noise in my internet connection, or something like that? If yes, what can I do about that?

Administrator answers:

Yes, this is a very real possibility.

I would suggest relocating the entire phone line as far away from the new elevator as possible to try to minimize the interference.

Donna asks…

How is it possible for my ADSL connection to be working but not the phone line??

I am not getting a dial tone anymore on my phone even when I use the same connection that I get my ADSL service from. The phone company technician confirmed that the phone/internet service is working to the NID (grey box on the outside of the building) but I am not getting any phone service inside my apartment, no matter where I connect my phone. If you call my fixed line phone you will hear it ringing but my phone is just completely lifeless! Do you think that my internal phone wiring may be faulty?

Administrator answers:

Yes, this happens all the time….get a new DSL filter!

Susan asks…

Does moisture cause tarnish on phone copper wires and affect phone service (but not ADSL)?

I experienced loud crackling noise on my phone. Phone company repair man came out and tested good to my 8th floor junction box, but not to my 8th floor apartment. He said there were 4 pairs of wires available. He previously jumped from Pair #1 to #2 on similar complaint. Now he is jumping from #2 to #3. I have one last pair left. He suggested moisture and water in wire conduits causing copper to rust, then, when lit up, rust turns to “copper tarnish” which degrades signal. But while my phone stopped working (no dialing in and out), ADSL for Internet access still works. Do I really need to pull out old wiring as he suggested or is there another simpler remedy? Also, if there are bridge taps (wires branched out to various other rooms in the apartment), do I need to look for a junction box in my wall before pulling the wires out?

Administrator answers:

It’s possible, but it sounds to me like you have a short somewhere that the repairman was too lazy to look for. DSL doesn’t need a dial tone to work, since it is a digital signal, and it can be crossed and still be functional. Tarnished lines, however, would cause the DSL to quit before the phone. Sounds like a short. You know if you leave the phone off the hook for too long, it eventually goes to silence. A short would have the same effect as having the phone off the hook. Most likely, there’s a wire sticking out too far from one of the terminals and touching the others. The reason it might get progressively worse, or affect more than one line, could be vibration or something, not really sure about that. Working in an apartment like that can be overwhelming for a repairman, so if he’s lazy, he may not search for every terminal in the house. They’re very simple, so you may want to check them yourself. Also, if you can follow the lines ANYWHERE, look and see what you can find. If all else fails, you will have to somehow rerun the wires, but goo luck with that in an apartment. You may even ask your superintendent if there’s a chase somewhere that they could look into.

An easy way to pull new wiring would be to tie the new wires to the old ones, fold and tape the them, and pull them from each junction box. There shouldn’t be too many junctions in an apartment, since they’re wired the most simple way possible. Be careful pulling the wire (do it with all the wires at once) because it is a very small gauge and you may break them.

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