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September 14, 2012

Carol asks…

I think my apartment management company is guilty of false advertising?

In the apartment where I lived, we have to pay to use the washer/dryer. They recently jacked the price up from $3.00/load to $3.50/load. I randomly went on the website today for the apartment community where I live and I was checking out their advertised amenities. One of the things they apparently offer is free laundry services. What should I do about this?

Administrator answers:

Read all of the fine print on their website to make sure they don’t have anything stating that they can change anything they want without notice. Then I’d probably call their main management office and get clarification. They really can do whatever they want but if it is being advertised and not being delivered on you can always file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and then with your state attorney generals office. They may do something and they may not. Good luck.

John asks…

What is a good site for advertising an available apartment?

My mother just lost two tenants and she wants to place an advertisement on a trusted, commonly-used site. Any suggestions? (Include cost for ad if possible.)

Administrator answers:

Id go where i can.


Maria asks…

Is there any website with apartment/flat owners advertising for rooms available in London?

We’re a couple and we need something affordable (I’m still in the US at the moment and she’s in London with friends..)

Administrator answers:

Yea mate. Check out – This will have everything you need.

Nancy asks…

Is advertising an apartment rental on Craig’s List free?

I read the instructions and the rules, but I’m still hesitant. Could someone please tell me if this is so?

Administrator answers:

There are scamers who try to rent out homes and apartments that are for sale and not there listing and scamers will do just about anything to make money legal or not. To post on just go to the site for your area and in th upper right hand corner is the word POST in capital letters, and click onto it and follow the instructions it is very easy and free to do. We use craigslist all the time.

Michael asks…

apartment advertised for rent, but its not currently being occupied?

I live in a 2 bdrm 1 bath apartment with all utilities included for $650 a month? Supposedly the apt agency keeps advertising a one bedroom apartment available for $451 a month in the same house. My current lease does not end until Jan 31, 2008. If the one bedroom is still available by that time would the rent still be $451 a month. I would think it would be if nobody was currently living there.
well I do have one problem. I am cosigning with somebody else and they would have to aggree to let me take my name off of the lease. the person I cosigned (big mistake) with will probably wine about it and really resist. The thing is that her mom pays for basically her half of the rent and I pay for the other half. This means that she is really living there for free. I don’t think her mom would pay for the full amount if I move. I keep telling her there is a chance that I will not be living there next year and she understands but she keeps whining and wants me to stay. She tells me how great of a room mate I am, but I don’t see how when she complains about stuff that I don’t do, and I have not actually been in the house due to other issues. I think she doesn’t really care if the other cosigner is in the house she just wants find away not to pay for the apartment and not to charge her mom so much money

Administrator answers:

Erin, the landlord can change the offering price any time he or she wants to. Maybe it will still be $451, maybe not. If you’re a good tenant, it might be smart to talk to the landlord now, expressing your interest in moving to the other unit at that price when the lease on your present unit expires, if it is still available. If the landlord agrees, get it in writing. Verbal agreements, even with witnesses, have no legal authority.

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