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January 2, 2013

Sandra asks…

My apartment is advertising much lower rent to new tenants? Is this fair and legal?

I’ve lived in a okay apartment complex for two lease terms and just signed my third one year lease. MANY residents have moved out due to new corporate management and endless troubles with maintenance, buildings, mold, utility rates. The complex used to advertise free heat and water, starting this lease term we are charged a flat utility rate of $40, fine except my rent is already $840 for a two bedroom. Half of the buildings are empty and they are desperate for new residents, they have huge ugly signs everywhere offing free rent, no deposits, 2 bedrooms for $660. The last part is what kills me, how come I am getting nothing and I’m the person who is actually staying here, is it right for me to complain about this?
Yeah well I don’t think they will be keeping me after my lease is up, I wish I never even signed the lease in the first place :(

Administrator answers:

Unfair, maybe, but certainly legal. That’s the free market. Both of you voluntarily agreed to a new lease term. If the opposite were the situation, and this building was in high demand with the management demanding $960 a month from new tenants, your lease would allow you to keep your $840. It’s all a bit of a gamble on both sides.

If you are certain you want to stay beyond this year, you could try to negotiate a 2 year lease with the lower rates they are advertising to other prospective tenants.

Paul asks…

Where can I advertise my apartment for rent?

So I’ve been assigned to advertise an apartment in LA. I don’t want to deal with Craigslist or any other classifieds sites, because the buyers from there are usually not committed or are just spammers.

Administrator answers:

Put it up on ebay or perhaps amazon.

Richard asks…

How can I advertise my apartment on facebook?

I’m trying to sublet my apartment and I’ve been told that you can advertise on facebook, or something to that effect. Does anyone know of this application on facebook?


Administrator answers:

On the side and under it there will be a link to advertise or something and follow the instructions or you can create a page for it and theres a link to advertise through that and then you can get people who are instested to become a fan of the page and then you can send updates to them with new info and stuff which would be easy and the best way to do it and then pay for adds for that page

Daniel asks…

What are some good marketing ideas for an apartment community?

besides advertising in apartment guides, online and with flyers to give out to businesses. we emphasize our amenities and our secluded area, 24 hour maintenance, etc…. i just need more ideas. we’ve got new signs and banners. but we really need a kick a** idea! thanks.

Administrator answers:

Best free source is Direct Marketing Creative Generator. This blog ( has a lot of sensible and proven ideas on marketing real estate, apartment complexes, rentals, etc. . It’s written by a college professor and advertising creative director.

Helen asks…

I want to rent out my 1 bhk apartment in 4 bungalows andheri west. What website should I advertise?

Where will I get a quick answer from potential tenants? What is the best place to advertise my apartment available for rent starting July 15, 2008?

Administrator answers:

Craigslist is free and has always worked well for me. See link below.

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