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January 14, 2013

William asks…

what are some good marketing ideas for an apartment community?

besides advertising in apartment guides, online and with flyers to give out to businesses. we emphasize our amenities and our secluded area, 24 hour maintenance, etc…. i just need more ideas. we’ve got new signs and banners. but we really need a kick a** idea! thanks.

Administrator answers:

Firstly congratulatiuons on having the vision to make things happen. Have you registered on yet?

It provides free business leads and marketing tools and things like flyers are cheap. They provide a network of thousands of businesses you can market to free of charge, although the site has just run its beta test stage and is officially open and live from the end of the month.
Use the forums and the blogs to get answers to all the questions you need answered, use all social networking sites alongside for maximum effect

Carol asks…

How much money do you have to earn each week to move into a 2 bedroom apartment?

Very vague i know you would need more info but for that why not use the average prices for things like electric and what not and the apartments advertised rent is about 700-900$
If it matters City is Phoenix State Arizona

Administrator answers:

In general you should not spend more than 2/3 of your monthly take home pay on housing, so to afford $700-$900 you should at least have weekly take home pay of $260-$375.

However how much you can afford to pay in rent is not strictly a function of what you earn. To figure out what you can afford take a look at how much you spend a month total and make sure that plus rent is not more than you earn.

Helen asks…

False advertising apartment? publishes ad that clearly states upstairs unit 750 per month. Complex claims they do not honor the price because ad is incorrect. The ad is still posted on website with same listing and was posted the same day I filled out application and submitted check. Complex wants to charge me 800 per month. I have printed copies of May and June ad from website. I have requested the complex change rate to 750 but they are noncompliant. I really want to live there because my dad is having health problems and need to live close by. What should I do?
Did not sign a contract agreeing to the price just mailed in application and application fee. Never went out to complex sent family members. I live 700 miles away from where I am moving.

Administrator answers:

If you have the 2 printed copies of THEIR website prices take it to them if you haven’t already. That’s a little too odd that their site and the renter’s site lists the same “incorrect” price. Find out what company owns that complex and call the manager of it and nicely explain about that and see what they can do for you. Good luck, $50 bucks is not pocket change!

Lisa asks…

If an apartment advertises central air / heat, does that mean that the AC and heat are included in the price?

If not, why would an apartment building brag about such an ammenity, is this more energy efficient? I’ve lived in a dorm with central heat and some students would open their windows and the thought of such possibilities scares me when it comes to my electric bill. Thanks

Administrator answers:

No, it just means that it has central heat and air. You’ll only be paying the bills for your own unit so if your neighbor leaves his windows open it won’t have any affect on your utility bills.

Some older units may still have space heaters and window AC units. Central heat and air is generally considered preferable. It’s usually more efficient, it looks better, and is often safer.

Joseph asks…

Best way to advertise a apartment for rent by tenant besides

I’ve been listing this awesome apartment for a long time and no one has been really interested. I need other ways to advertise that are free but effective. Thank you

Administrator answers:

Buy some of those for rent signs and put your phone number on there! I’ve been driving around looking everywhere for those. You can also put it into the newspaper (don’t know if that’s free or not)

Donna asks…

My apartment complex advertises granite counter tops, yet only some of the apt’s have them. Is this allowed?

We pay just as much as people with granite counter tops, yet we do not have them. On their flier, and website it says they have granite counter tops. I was wondering if this is illegal due to false advertising, or simply unethical because they misled me. Also, our counter tops have knife marks and stains which we will probably be charged for, but if we had granite this would not have happened. Any ideas on what I should do?

Administrator answers:

This is legal, just like saying “ground floor units”, “3 bedrooms”, “mountain views”, etc.

As long as the description applies to some of the units it is legal to advertise it.

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