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Your Questions About Apartment Advertising

June 19, 2013

Joseph asks…

How does rent based on income work?

I sometimes see apartments advertising that rent is based on income. If my income is only $1,000 a month what would a reasonable amount be for me to pay and could someone with no income qualify?

Administrator answers:

You are required to work at least 32 hours a week. From there 30% of your income goes to rent, the tax payers are paying the rest.

Charles asks…

Why does the Korean Bible say that Jesus Christ’s second coming will be in Korea?

I live in South Korea, and a couple ladies stopped by my apartment advertising their church. In their advertisement, they told me that Jesus Christ will return to South Korea. They told me that it is not in the English Bible, but it is only in the Korean Bible. I think it is blasphemy. So again, why did people in Korea change their Bible to say this.

Administrator answers:

The next time you have the opportunity to speak with one from that church (they are probably Presbyterian – there are more Presbyterians in Korea than in the United States), please ask what scripture they are saying states that.

Without something more concrete, it is hard to say. They may be mistaken about their own Bible. Maybe they are putting the words of their minister in as words of the Bible.

That is not unknown I’m sure in their country or in this one. People have many times said that a famous saying of Mark Twain or Abraham Lincoln (or such) was in the Bible only to find out later it is a piece of other literature or history.

When you say “advertisement” do you mean something left in written form or their “presentation”?

Susan asks…

What exactly does ALL BILLS PAID mean?

You see an apartment advertising ALL BILLS PAID! what exactly do the mean by this… Does this usually include Electricity or not? I would assume it doesnt include cable and internet. Whats your experiance? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

All bills paid means that the normal utilities are paid by the landlord. That would include electricity, heat, water, sewer, and trash. Phone, internet, TV cable, etc. Are not normally included unless so specified.

Sandy asks…

If abandoned furniture is left in apartment when you sign a “as is” lease can the new renter claim it?

Previous tenant abandoned furniture in the apartment, the apartment was advertised with the furniture and later the new renters signed a “as is” lease, can they claim the abandoned furniture as there own?

Administrator answers:

Ownership actually reverts to and becomes the responsibility of the landlord/owner of the property. If the owner/landlord says that the new tenant can have the property, the new tenant should ensure that everything has been done according to state/county law.

Helen asks…

Are there any hidden costs when renting a one bedroom apartment?

If an apartment is advertised as a $700 apartment with utilities included, do they add tax to that price? like when buying a car or something at the store?

Administrator answers:

No hidden costs (maybe an application fee), and no taxes

Thomas asks…

How can I do a bake sale in my condo building?

If I was interested in selling baked goods in the lobby of my condo building, how do I go about starting? Would I have to talk to management?

Even if I can’t sell in the lobby, how do I go about selling from my apartment and advertising to building residents?

Administrator answers:

You will have to go to your building management and get permission before you turn the building lobby into your store. Chances are they won’t give you permission

When you deal with food, YES you will need a license

Note that food is one of the highly regulated businesses around. Whether it is a side gig or a full time business, when you sell food to the public, there are tremendous health rules that your business needs to follow

You did not state your location, but I suggest calling your local Department of Health to check for requirements

Some areas are stricter than others:

- some requires that food to be sold be prepared only in commercial grade kitchens and home kitchens often will not pass licensing requirements
- In some places, if you have pets at home, you cannot get a license
- local government will want to see how you will label the food
- they want to see how you will transport the food
- they want to know how you will sell the food

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