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August 27, 2013

John asks…

How can you promote a apartment complex? We have a lot of vacancies.?

I am working at a apartment complex and I am currently searching for new ways to promote our complex. We have nice, luxary and spacious apartments but we are within a low income area. Please, I need some help!

Administrator answers:

I suggest you sponsor a radio program or do advertising on radio. Since it’s a low income area, you might have to stress security features. What are you doing to help your neighborhood? That’s good PR stuff, too.

Take a real good look at the exterior lighting around your complex. If it’s not well lit, this will definitely affect how people perceive the safety of your building.

Mandy asks…

What is a cheap cable and internet provider for an apartment?

I’m moving in to an apartment in the Boston area and we are looking for an inexpensive cable and internet provider. Am I correct in assuming you can’t get DSL unless you have an active land line phone? We wouldn’t be putting a land line in because we all have cell phones. Any and all help is much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Yes you need a land line phone for DSL. Although they advertise DSL for only like $20 per month, a land line will cost another $20, so its not that cheap!and doesnt include tv! I use Comcast (not sure if they are available in Boston, i’m in Fall River, MA) They have a basic package for like $70 for TV and Internet, honestly i think that’s the cheapest combo you could get.

David asks…

What is the best pet for an apartment dweller?

I would love to get a small dog, but I would feel guilty about leaving it in an apartment by itself all day long. Should I just wait or get a cat to keep me company?

Administrator answers:

Get a cat. A dog can’t be home alone all day. Also if you have to work late and can’t get home to walk the dog or want to go away for a weekend you have a major problem. Get an adult cat that is one or two years old as they are more self sufficient than kittens and you don’t have to train them. Whenever I get a new cat, I look for one that someone has to give away or who is at the pound who has already been neutered. They have all been wonderful pets and I save a lot of trouble and money. Advertise for a cat on or email your friends and ask about one or call the pound. You can get an automatic cat litter box at Target that cleans the litter box.

Mark asks…

If apartment was advertised as a 2 bdrm, but one bedroom is illegal, can I get any rent abatement?

I pay $1300 per month for my 2 bedroom apartment, one bedroom does not have a fire egress, nor any heating or ventilation. It has a window but the window goes to a enclosed internal shaft. Per the building code it can not be considered a sleeping room. Can I get any of my rent money back since it was false advertised as a 2 bdrm, but it is legally a 1bdrm + den?

Administrator answers:


If you paid rent before you saw it and then refused to move in once you saw the situation you should be able to get your money back.

If you saw the room and approved of it by either moving in or signing a lease you would not be entitled to any refund.

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