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September 1, 2012

Joseph asks…

Any advice or suggestions on renting my first apartment?

I want to move out of my parent’s house as soon as possible but I’ve never lived on my own. I would really like to rent an apartment. Any words of advice? Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Make sure you research the area where the apartment is. Don’t rely on the apartment complex to give you this information, they always try to gloss over less than desireable details. Try pulling up your local police department’s website for crime stats in the area. Map out places that you will frequent like the grocery store, place of employment, salon, etc. Make sure these are convenient to get to from your new location.

Many first time renters are hit with unknown or unplanned expenses. Keep in mind that aside from rent, you will be paying utilities (lights, water-sewer, phone, gas), Cable or satellite service can get expensive. Stay away from those running “move-in specials”. This usually means they are having occupancy problems.

Make sure you ask to view the lease agreement and any addenda you’ll have to sign. Do this when you have narrowed your search to the complexes that appeal to you. Many apartment management companies have ridiculous late fees and even more ridiculous lease termination clauses. Stay away from anywhere that requires you to pay out the remainder of your lease in the event you’ll have to terminate the agreement. A fair clause would charge you maybe an additonal month’s rent to cancel your lease, but you may not get your deposit back. I would suggest not signing anything longer than a 6 month lease to start out–so that you’re not tied down while you’re testing the waters on your own.

When shopping around, make sure you view the ACTUAL apartment unit you will be living in. Many complexes will show you a model that’s decorated (fine to look at too), But they will pull the old “bait and switch” trick, when it comes time to move it–your unit is totally different! If your unit is “not available” to view–wait until it is. Try to imagine how your things will fit into the unit and bring a tape measure. Take notes on everything to compare later. Including how friendly, helpful, and professional the office staff was.

When you are in the unit, check everything! Flush the toilets, open the windows, does it smell like mold, run the faucets, etc. Most newer complexes come equipped with sprinkler sytems, but all should have fire extinguishers.

All this may seem intimidating to a new renter who hasn’t done their homework. Just take your time and don’t let anything rush your decision. You’ve made an excellent decision and I commend you on your courage to step out on your own. The best of luck to you!

George asks…

gonna rent my own apartment and need advice?

I just got a job and plan on moving out of home. I work around Fairfield so I was thinking of renting an apartment there. I earn around 600 a week.
How much rent should I pay for the amount I earn? What other expenses will I be incurring and how much should I save?
I don’t have any money saved as yet because I start work next month. Please give me all advice and tips as possible

Administrator answers:

It is not what you earn but how much you take home.
If your take home pay is 2000 a month then you should not spend more than 800 for the apartment and all utilities. That includes Electric, Telephone, cable, internet and renter’s insurance.
You will need 2400 for the landlord, plus the every utility company will want a deposit of 200 before giving you service. So you really should have savings of 5,000 before you start apartment hunting

William asks…

In college and help advice on moving into an apartment?

I’m in college and I need advice on getting an apartment. I want to know about how much it will cost me for the apartment and all the utilities. Also if a $9.00 an hour for 35+ hours will cover my apartment needs and food needs. Also I want to know how the experience it was for you
i live in the oc

Administrator answers:

It depends on where, what city ? Like in new york city the apts are like 1500- 2500 a month for 1 or 2 bedrooms so you could not make it on that pay, no way. But if you mean a little town somewhere like where i live in the country, 650 a month for apt then 150 for utils and like 100 a week for food and other stuff. And if you have a car then insurance gas and repairs counts, so i think you should get a roommate, rather than try to do this alone. Good luck ……..j

Susan asks…

.Egypt apartment, advice and warnings please and ideas of where?

I have a very small budget, but last time I was in Egypt I saw several small flats for under £20,000. I want to buy one and wondered does anyone know an area what has a investment future and if a foreigner buys a property does it remain safely theirs.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think there is an issue in terms of safety.

I suggest that you buy a managed property (i.e. Company that looks after cleaning, security , services,…etc. For a fee).

Hurghada and Sharm Elsheikh are good investment options, it is not very expensive yet and you may get good income by renting it out to tourists.

It is always difficult to own a property far from where you live, doesn’t matter if Egypt or anywhere else.

Hope this helps.


Nancy asks…

Advice on how to keep my apartment organized and tidy?

I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. I dream of the day when I can come home from work and my apartment is looking perfectly tidy and organized. I accumulate so much stuff. Any advice on how to keep my living space looking good all the time? 10 points for the best answer, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yes! Become a minimalist! From personal experience I used to keep so much stuff in my apartment-almost holding onto things with the belief that one day I will use them. A rule of thumb that has worked wonders for me is if you haven’t used it , worn it or needed it over the course of 2 months- review why it is you are keeping it and if you really need it.
Remember: “LESS IS MORE” where ornaments, clothing, cutlery, plates etc are concerned.

Also to keep general cleanliness and hygiene in check-
Dust and Spray and wipe surfaces a few times a week.
When you make a mess eg, cooking or trying on clothes make it a priority to clean up straight after. The more you procrastinate the more the mess accumulates and you don’t know where to start.

There is research that a clean and organised environment has a positive impact on your emotional well being-in particular your ability to be organised during tasks.
On the opposite side a cluttered, messy environment has the opposite effect, making you feel confused, overwhelmed and indecisive.

So get cleaning and throwing out those things that have been sitting there for way too long! You know the ones…
Good luck!

P.S-stick on some music coz it helps the time pass! Also burn some aromatherapy oil in an oil burner or burn some insense for a refreshing touch to your apartment. Also fresh flowers are an ornamental feauture you can’t go wrong with!

Chelsea x

Thomas asks…

Advice about getting my first apartment?

Me and two friends are planning on getting an apartment this summer. This is new to us so I could use some advice like:

How do I start looking?
What to look for?
What should I expect when getting an apartment?
And anything else I should know.


Administrator answers:

About 2 years ago I was looking for my first apartment as well. You can look on the internet/newspaper. Craigslist is a great place to find apartments too! You should look for something that is nice, but not too pricey depending on your budget. Some 2 bedroom apartments offer to pay for your energy bill (heating and cooling) which is great because that is the biggest expence when it comes to renting your apartment.. Trust me. Also, I would ask about parking around the area or if you will receive your own parking spot etc. Good luck!

Richard asks…

What advice would you give for renting an apartment?

I am a 21 yr old college student about to graduate. I am trying to move out of my parents very soon & have begun to look around for my first apartment on craigslist, etc & starting to do research. What are some tips you would give? What are some things I should know before getting an apartment? I do realize moving out is a BIG deal & just want to have a basic idea what i’d be getting into lol. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :]

Administrator answers:

Safety is your first most important issue. Make sure the complex is in an area you know to be above board. A higher floor or a security locked building is a better choice. Read your potential rental agreement, understand it and ask questions if you don’t. The singular most important thing is knowing the rules of the agreement and following them if you decide to rent. A washer and dryer inside the apartment is best and most complexes offer that today as opposed to a basement service which isn’t particularly safe. An apartment offered by an individual in a home or similar dwelling is like a kiss of death.
Complexes offer 24 hour maintenance, good groundskeeping, and other services. Individual owners offer nothing but a low rent and no service or maintenance. You wil be left to your own and you don’t want that. At your age a small one bedroom would be best or a studio unless you want a roommate. Roommates come with problems so I wouldn’t suggest that avenue.

Robert asks…

Advice for first time apartment dwellers?

My best friend and I just got an apartment together. We move in at the end of the month and are very excited.

However, neither of us has lived on our own before, so I was wondering if anyone who has experience living in an apartment could give us some advice. I’d just like to know what problems we should expect to encounter, what it’s like to live in your own apartment, and what items are considered essential for apartment living.

Any advice would be great, and I thank you in advance. : )

Administrator answers:

Discuss how things are going to be paid for, for example toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap things like that, that you both use. Work it out so you are each buying it every other time and not just one person. Same goes for taking out the trash and cleaning the bathroom, try to work out a schedule so one person isn’t always stuck doing it. It makes for a more pleasant roommate situation.
Groceries- talk about whether you are going to buy your own stuff and if they are not allowed to eat your things or if you’re just going to split the grocery bills and eat anything in the house. You should be on the same page, it sucks when one person thinks it’s only theirs and the other person doesn’t know and eats it all.
Learn to compromise with roommates, they are going to do things you don’t like, like leave garbage or dirty clothes hanging around or invite people over late at night or whatever, but you just have to keep your cool and keep open communication about things that bother you instead of waiting and then getting in a huge fight. And just have common courtesy of other people, you wouldn’t play loud music when your parents are trying to sleep, so don’t do it to your friend either.
It’s fun once you get used to it, good luck!

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