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August 21, 2013

Susan asks…

Can you recommend any New Orleans apartments or advice on the culinary industry?

I will graduate culinary school at the end of December. I’m hoping to find a job and a good and safe apartment. So yes, advice on safe apartments or the culinary industry in New
Orleans are needed!

Administrator answers:

Here is a link to a website with the most extensive list of demographic information about the city of New Orleans, LA. Therein you will find list of restaurants and hotels which would employ culinary workers. It also has lists for housing for sale or rent.


Mark asks…

How do you know if you found the right apartment?

My husband and i are apartment hunting and I think we may have found the right one. The move in cost will only be 99 and the rent is 640 a month, including all bills except electric. It even has a washer and dryer in the apt so that is a bonus. It has a lot of other good features too, but my question is how do you know if the apt you’re looking at is the right one? What other questions should i ask them? This will be our first apartment. Any advice would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Here are some things my husband and me usually judge an apartment on -
~Is there enough space in the right areas for our needs – kitchen counter tops, closets, rooms in general etc
~Is it clean and is there any damage from the previous tenant – such as wall holes/cracks, loose shelves, carpet stains, etc
~Does the rent seem fair for what you’re getting – kinda compare to other apartments you’ve already looked at to get a good average for your area
~Ask how much does an electric bill usually run for the size apartment you want, in the winter and the summer (when heater and A/C will be ran the most) – ask about the water bill too
~What kind of policies do they have, such as for children, pets, parking – take some time to sit and read over the fine print in their lease before you sign it. Most apartments have very similar policies but you don’t want to get a surpise later on if it is indeed different.

Other than that, you might want to talk to some of the other tenants and see how well they are treated there – like does maintenance come out and fix problems in a timely manner, have they had problems with bugs, do they feel it’s a safe environment etc. Apartment managers are trying to fill their empty apartments, so they won’t tell you those things.
Good luck <3

Carol asks…

Do you think my friend and I can move into an apartment in LA?

Right now we are 17 and are Seniors in highschool and we want to go to Los Angeles for college next fall. We live in the Bay Area. I turn 18 in June and she turns 18 in late July and I was wondering if we could still move there even if we both don’t have credit cards. I’ll try to get one as soon as I turn 18 and we’re both getting jobs this year.

Do you think this is realistic if we both share a 2 bedroom apartment? Any advice/tips?

Administrator answers:

You’ll have a tough time for many reasons.Your idea is unrealistic.
-First,you’ll BOTH need credit cards and a credit HISTORY. No landlord would rent without that.
-Second, No one will rent to you not only because you don’t have a cc,but also because you are under-age. It’s against the law
-You MUST own a car in L.A. The city is HUGE and flat. You can drive 100 miles in any direction and still be in Los Angeles.Rapid Transit is almost non-existent.
-There are more than a million people out of work in L.A. Finding any job-even fast food- will be nearly impossible.
-If you plan to attend college in L.A. You should have already applied and been accepted. Most colleges in the area have tons of applicants that have a 4.0 grade pt average for all 4 years of HS.
So your grades need to be really good.
-All areas of LA are VERY VERY expensive.A two bedroom in a bad area can go for $1700 per month and up. If you want to live in a GOOD area the rents are even higher.
-Any apartment you rent should be close to the college you will attend. Other-wise you could spend $20 a day on gas.
-The smart thing would be for the both of you to go for a few weeks(as tourists) and look all around and see if you like it there.
-Many people-especially teens- move to L.A. With the idea of becoming a “STAR”. If that is your motive there are easily 500,000 already in line for that. It won’t happen for you.

Good luck.

David asks…

Any advice for a young female moving to las vegas?

I am a 25 year old female bartender from New York. I have been thinking about moving to Vegas for over a year now, and feel like its something i have to do even if its not permanent. I go there several times a year for vacation and i fell in love. I would be moving with enough to pay for about 5 months rent upfront. I do have dogs so would prefer to rent a house rather than an apartment. Any advice on neighborhoods/ jobs / etc?

Administrator answers:

I really loved that area and really wanted to move there. The crime is just WAY to high for me. If you really want to be there live in a gated area. Otherwise you are at risk. I read and asked the LVPD that most people that have lived in LV have gotten their homes and cars broken into. That is not the kind of life I want to live. Jobs are hard to get there and their economy is a mess. I think its still at 10% unemployment. Their bills are high as well.

Charles asks…

Moving into an apartment, how to help make it as easy as possible for my two rabbits?

I have two, and am wondering the best way to introduce their new environment? It’s about a 35 minute drive. Do I leave them in the cage for a while to feel safe? Cover them up? Or just go ahead and let them investigate? They will have full run of the apartment. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

Cover them while transporting, or use cat carriers. You may want to keep them in their cage the first day, so they can get used to their new environment. Keep them company, so they don’t feel abandoned. Give them an occasional treat, see how they do.

Lisa asks…

How can i find apartment in Toronto?

I’m from India and i’m looking for Apartment in Tornonto. My prefrance is a shared Apartment. Can anyone advice me?
I’m a student and my college is going to start from 6th of next month, so i want to get myself apartment. Plz advice me.

Administrator answers:

Look at “”

Paul asks…

Is it good to live in a manufactured home in Ann Arbor, Michigan?

I need property in Michigan in order to establish residency. I figured that this is the cheapest way to go since I do not want to live in an apartment! Any advice? Being that I am a Californian… I am unsure if a manufactured home is okay in the winter. Am I going to freeze?
I am talking about a manufactured home on a solid foundation!

Administrator answers:

I suggest reading more from some of these sources.


You can search on this public website for most homes in Washtenaw County (this is not my website or my companies) Once you select up to five areas, you simply enter your comfortable price range and can choose various types of architecture.

This site will not contain manufactured homes within a manufactured community. The home must be on owned, not rented land.

I cannot answer your question about will you freeze, this would vary by any structure and would require an independent investigation.

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