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June 3, 2012

Chris asks…

Do you have any apartment advice for me?

Hi! My best friend and I are moving into our very first apartment in a few months. We’re both 19 and attending the same college nearby. I was just curious to see if anyone has any advice for us :)

Administrator answers:

Sure. Beyond the normal things you would look for when renting a property (rent per month, deposits, pet policy, guest policy, rules/regulations, laundry facilities, crime in neighborhood/building, etc.), you have a special circumstance here that you may not have given much thought to – moving in with your best friend.

You both need to sign on to the lease. You are entering into an arrangement where you both anticipate paying a portion of the rent instead of the whole amount, so you need to make sure that the other person is also “on the hook”. You should decide between you who takes the larger bedroom (one bedroom is almost certain to be larger than the other) and what impact that will have on who pays more.

Also, you may want to consider writing down a list of “house rules” – that is, what you expect from each other as roommates. God forbid you have a fight or drift your own way in your personal life – but you’re still roommates. Better to have a written understanding of what you will and won’t do than to fight about it later. If you don’t want to write it down, at least discuss it.

Things to consider talking about and writing down:
Cleanliness (maybe one of you doesn’t mind dishes in the sink and it repulses the other – figure that out upfront)
Guests (will one of you get a boyfriend who “moves in”? What do you think about that?)
Food (will you share all food in the house or just the basics like condiments, cooking supplies, etc.?)
Parties (are you pro or con? Can either roommate veto a party or not?)
Bills (besides the rent, who pays what bills? Which roommate will take charge of collecting rent checks and sending them to the landlord?)
Furniture (who contributes what furniture to the common spaces?)

Some of these things you’ll have to talk about regardless of whether you’re best friends or not. Some of them you might be able to get away without talking explicitly about and hope for the best – but should probably discuss anyway. Either way, I hope the best for you guys!

Maria asks…

Advice on energy suppliers for apartment in Brentford?

I am moving to Brentford in London. I have a 2 year lease on an apartment. Any advice on which energy supplier I should use?

I don’t need any extras (green energy, special tariffs etc). Basically, all I am looking for is a low-cost supplier for gas AND electricity and I will be paying by monthly direct debit.

Administrator answers:


Charles asks…

I need advice and information about getting an apartment.?

Both my partner and I are 20 years old, and we have one child together. We have been living in a back house behind my aunts house, but we would like to rent an apartment. Neither of us have built up any credit…So we literally have NO credit. How would we go about getting an apartment?
Any advice would be very helpful.
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Try and find a private renter. They tend to not check credit and are usually very understanding to individual situations.

Lizzie asks…

Can you give apartment advice?

I am in college and will be moving into an on campus apartment next semester. The room is 10′x12’8″ in dimension and comes furnished with a desk, chair, dresser and full sized bed. The walls are white and has light tan carpet.
Do you know of a place to find cheap decorations and space saving techniques?

Thank you!!

Administrator answers:


Sandra asks…

I am looking to rent my 1st apartment-any tips/advice?

This is my first apartment and I will be living alone. Any tips or advice to make it on my own?

Administrator answers:

Make sure you can pay your rent, by whatever means. The single most important thing about being on your own is earning your right to be independent. How you go about doing that is as varied as personalities are. This is the key to making it on your own. “By whatever means necessary” (Not including criminal acts of course!)

Helen asks…

Ideas/advice on planning apartment community yard sale?

We are planning on having a community yard sale at the end of the month. I’ve never put one together and am looking for any ideas/advice from other apartment managers/leasing consultants who have organized them. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Think simple. But I suggest waiting to the week-end after
Labor Day. The one you are looking at will have a great number
on vacation, and normally both those participating and those
who would attend are back in town after the Labor Day week-end.
And you can put a notice in the Apartment Newsletter for Sept!

The site below can give you step by step planning.

Good Luck

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