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August 23, 2013

Nancy asks…

Is the manager of an apartment complex legally required to provide a unique key for each unit?

Our friend who lives in the same apartment complex as us recently discovered that the key to his unit also opens our door. We are all very upset and concerned about our security. We will be confronting the management about this, but first I would like to know if this is illegal. We live in the state of Kansas. We don’t know if we are coincidentally the only ones in the complex with matching keys or if there are more.

Administrator answers:

It is not a requirment legally, but it is a requirement in terms of liability on part of the property owner.

Request a lock change. As this was their doing you should not have to pay for it.

The owner is a great risk of many things such as theft or assault. Politely remind them of these risks and Im sure they will be more than happy to oblige your lock change. Be sure to ask that the other unit have theirs changed as well and make sure the keys do not open the same doors again.

Lock management is NOT THAT DIFFICULT.

George asks…

What will a corperate apartment complex do if lease is broken?

I currently live in a corperate apartment complex, the rent is the price of a mortgage payment, it was poorly remodeled, poorly maitenced, and the property manager is always leaving the office before closing hours. I want to get more for my money, and i still have 8 months of the lease left, What are some outcomes if i decide to leave?

Administrator answers:

They can sue you for breach of contract. If they win..they will get a judgment against you.

They will then hire a collection agency/lawyer to actively collect on the judgment. The judgment will be on your credit report of at least 10 years..or 20 years if the landlord renews the judgment.

The collection agency/lawyer will garnish your wages, levy your bank accounts, seized your IRS returns and place liens on any property (car, home) that you may own now or in the future.

Ken asks…

What can i do if an apartment complex breaches our contract?

I just recently went in to my leasing office at my apartment complex to renew my lease starting in june. I signed the lease they signed the lease and we all went home happy. Two days later they call me and tell me that they cannot give me a one bedroom or something similar until september. In my eyes this is a breach of contract.

So as the breachee if you may, what can i threaten them with to get out of my current lease so i can move into another apartment that suites my long term needs? Can i sue?

Administrator answers:

Until June 1st there is no breach of contract. Verbal changes to a written contract are not binding. You signed a contract 4 months in advance. You know what to do so DO IT!!!!!!!

Linda asks…

Can I sue the apartment complex where my car was parked for private property damage during a hit and run?

My car was parked at a friends apartment complex when I walked out to my car I saw my car was damaged really bad in the back. There was a police note that stated it was a hit and run and where to get a copy of the report. My insurance is just the basic one so it doesn’t cover any damage. Can I sue the apartment complex for property damage? Help!! What can I do?

Administrator answers:


The apartment complex didn’t wreck your car this is why you spring for comprehensive insurance it only costs a few dollars more than liability ( way less than full coverage) and it covers stuff like this.

Daniel asks…

who can i report my apartment complex too for electrical problems?

every time i plug something into the back wall outlet the thing overloads and none of outlets will work in living room, apartment complex is not doing anything about it. who can i report them too?

Administrator answers:

City or county zoning department…also call the health department and ask them….it would be listed under the city or county name, or possibly under the state.

Charles asks…

What happens to the tenents lease when an apartment complex is sold?

About 8 months ago I signed a lease with company A. In their guide it talks about the ability to transfer apartment complexes with no penalty, although this was not stipulated in the lease. Since then, company A sold the apartment complex to company B. Of course now I have to move and company B will not let me transfer without paying the remaining 4 months of rent.

I never signed a contract with company B, what are my options? Does my old lease still hold?

Administrator answers:

Usually the company that buys the complex assumes the leases.
They could ask you to sign a new lease and if you don’t want to could ask you to move

Sharon asks…

How can I find the property Contact to an apartment complex from the city?

I have attempted to contact the management company to an apartment complex in Concord, CA but the apartment manager refuses to give the information. How can I find the management company to an apartment complex thru the city? Please help.

Administrator answers:

Hi SirMrJoe, after doing a little research try calling Neighborhood Preservation. They do inspections around the City of Concord on apartment complex’s. Maybe they can help! Good Luck!

(925) 671-3075

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