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October 27, 2012

Mandy asks…

Can an apartment complex do this?

I don’t know what to make of this. Me and my husband are planning on moving into a new apartment in a new complex. We pre-leased it (meaning that we’ve already given our deposit) in September. We were supposed to have moved in on the 21st of this month, but decided that we didn’t want to have to pay our pro-rated rent, so pushed back our signing of the lease until the 28th. I asked the lady in the front office if we would be able to go see the apartment BEFORE we moved into it. SHE TOLD ME NO!!! because it wouldn’t be ready until we moved in and that we can see it AFTER we sign the lease. I asked her when the people that are living there right now moved and they moved out October 31st. I mean when we went to look at an apartment there, we saw a “model” apartment. Ours will be the same floorplan, but it’s just different you know? Can they really NOT let us see the apartment we’re going to live in for 13 months before we sign the lease. I wanna see it before we sign the lease
By the way, I live in texas. Is there a law?

Administrator answers:

This is uncalled for. They are supposed to walk you through and show you the place. If they refuse to it is a scam. There’s no other explaination. Even if they are doing intense construction in the appartment, you should be able to see it.

Contact your city hall, ask for a number to talk to someone about lanlord/tennent disputes.

Donald asks…

In the state of Indiana, can an apartment complex file for eviction after submitting my 30 day notice?

Seven days after my apartment complex received my 30 day move out notice, they filed for possesion of real estate. When we appeared in court, I told the lawyer we had already planned on moving out because I submitted a letter. After that I thought we just signing an agreement to be out one day earlier than we were saying in our letter and I feel we were conned into an eviction. Can they do that? I did still owe a months rent, but now they are saying we owe more.

Administrator answers:

Your lease is a contract between you and your landlord. When the tenant breaches that contract in a significant way, eviction is the usual remedy. The most common breach of a lease, and reason for eviction, is failure to pay rent. Noise is a close second. No matter how good your reason for not paying the rent is, if you don’t pay it, the odds are you’ll be evicted. Unless your lease says otherwise, before evicting you for breaching the lease in ways other than failing to pay rent, the landlord should notify you that you are in violation of the lease and give you a reasonable time to correct the problem. When you fail to pay rent, however, and your lease makes the rent due in advance (on the 1st of the month), then the landlord can file an eviction suit against you without advance notice.

If your landlord decides to try to evict you, he or she must go to court and file a “complaint for eviction.” This is usually filed in small claims court. You will be served with a copy of the complaint. It may be sent by certified mail or the sheriff may deliver it to you or leave it at your residence. The complaint will state the reasons eviction is being sought and the amount of money claimed, and will set a date for you to appear in court. You should get at least five days notice before the hearing. If you do not you may ask the court for a continuance. Often the suit will be dismissed if the rent owed, together with any late fees due and court costs, is paid before the court hearing. Be sure to go to court at the scheduled time! This is your opportunity to present any defenses to the landlord’s claim.

Eviction trials are often conducted in two parts. The first hearing called the eviction hearing, is simply to determine whether you should be ordered to leave the apartment. A second hearing, to determine whether you owe the landlord money, and if so, the amount, is usually held at a later date. If you have already moved out of the apartment by the date of the eviction hearing, however, the judge may go ahead and hear evidence on the issue of money. Even if you are evicted, you can still minimize the amount of money you are required to pay the landlord by cleaning the rental unit and following the joint exit inspection…owed (“damages” in legal jargon) at that time. At the eviction hearing, the landlord will first present evidence about your alleged breach of the lease. You or your attorney will have a chance to question the landlord about his or her case. Next, you will be given the opportunity to present evidence as to why you should not be evicted. If you have documents, photos, or any other information that shows that you did not violate the lease or, if you did, that the violation was minor, be sure to bring it with you to the hearing. You can also bring witnesses. If a witness is reluctant to come to the hearing but you think he or she has important information the clerk’s office can help you subpoena the witness. If the judge orders that you should be evicted you will probably be given a few days in which to move. Because you won’t have much time to find a new place begin looking for one the moment you think eviction is a possibility. Even if you are evicted you can still minimize the amount of money you are required to pay the landlord by cleaning the rental unit and following the joint exit inspection procedure. Document the condition of the apartment with photographs or have a disinterested party look at it, to avoid being hit with excessive cleaning or repair charges at the damages hearing.

Charles asks…

The home I am planning to buy has the backyard open to an apartment complex.Is there a way I can cover it up?

I wanted to plant trees, but that would take time, so wanted to if there was anything that I can use to have some privacy in my yard.

Administrator answers:

You can buy bamboo it grows very quickly but its invasive so be careful, you will need to keep pulling it out from where you do not want it to grow most people I know who live near a highway or a house that is not well maintained put bamboo in because its is a very good screen

Ruth asks…

where do I find a good investor for my 30 unit apartment complex?

I’m looking for an investor to turn my buildings of 30,000 sq. ft.
into high apts. we already have a business plan and the building permits and a contractor. the plans show great returns
on investments and more room to grow maybe 30 more apts.
thank you for your help

Administrator answers:

Yes, since your pool of investors is smaller on a project such as this, I really would say that a commercial agent would offer the best results.

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