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July 11, 2012

Sandy asks…

Why are apartment reviews so negative?

When looking at, I notice that most reviews are negative. I cannot even consider an apartment because these reviews make the place seem horrible.

Problem is – I don’t know if these problems (rude staff, broken appliances, loud neighbors) are common, or if it’s really because the apartment is bad.

Why are they so negative?

I haven’t found a single apartment complex that has more positive reviews than negative ones.

Administrator answers:

Why are most of them negative ? Heh…..that’s because the complainers are the ones who take the time to write reviews. Those who do not have complaints rarely take the time to post a praising review. Ignore those reviewing sites and head to the complexes themselves to find out what they are like.

John asks…

Is there a web forum with reviews of specific neighborhoods and apartment complexes in any area in the US?

I’m about to move to another town for a future job, and I am looking for apartments in that area. But, I don’t want to spend alot of money on rent and I don’t want to find myself accidentally moving to a bad neighborhood. Is there a forum online that I can find where I can see other people’s reviews of those areas as well as reviews about the apartment complexes themselves?

Administrator answers:

Well for once, go to the police station near your future complex and ask for crime statistics. You can also look at that by google crime statistics by zip.
When it comes to web sites am listing a few but the best source for this is the police station on the web or in person.

Good luck

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