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August 19, 2013

Donald asks…

Is there any government program to help me, I rented an apartment I couldn’t afford, and now I’m being evicted

The landlord had slick a slick sales pitch, offered lower monthy payments for the year if I signed the lease, then showed me the complimentary gym, tennis courts, jacuzzi, swimming pool, and electronic entry to the gated and patrolled community. Shouldn’t there be additional regulation to protect me, and a new layer of government bureaucracy overseeing the practices of apartment complexes?

Administrator answers:

Maybe you can get section 8 if you have disability and or low money situations because me and my moim have it it helps us from paying the full ammount when wwe cant afford to pay the whole price in section 8 they cut down the cost of rent

maybe you can find out if you are eligable for it

okie i hope things get better for you

George asks…

My landlord is selling his apartment complex. Can the new landlord increase the rent?

I live in New York and will be moving into a complex that is currently on the market. I am iffy about moving into this place because it is for sale and I am concern that my new landlord can raise the rent. Is this possible? Not sure if I will have a lease or go month by month.

Administrator answers:

Yes i will! Hope you can afford it!

David asks…

What are the qualifications to become a leasing agent for an apartment complex?

Do you need a college degree or is a high school diploma sufficient? I’ve worked at a bookstore for nearly 3 years now and that’s the extent of my sales experience. I’m wanting to get into real estate development though and I’m going to college to pursue in regional planning, with a minor in business management. Is anyone a leasing agent that can help me out? What about leasing representatives for shopping malls or office buildings? Is that the same or is there more involved to it?

Administrator answers:

You probably have to start off in apartment leasing and then can move on to bigger things. If you get some experience and show success, companies will hire you no matter what your educational background.

Joseph asks…

Is it illegal to put up a sign, say in your apartment complex, to sell baseball tickets?

I have Chicago Cubs tickets to sell and I don’t want to use a website such as stubhub and have a percentage of my sale taken away. So I was wondering if I put up a sign in my apartment complex saying that I am selling tickets and if interested to email me would that be illegal? Or if anyone knows of a better way I would love to hear about it.

Administrator answers:

Some states it is. Guys better know about it are grocery store owners. Should askem..

Susan asks…

What are the signs that a neighbor may be selling or using drugs?

My neighborhood in an apartment complex has had a history of drug sales and use. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but I try to watch for people who might be involved with drugs. I’d like to know what some of the tell tale signs are that someone or some groups may be trafficing drugs on the weekends.

Administrator answers:

First… I must advise you that calling the cops might be dangerous UNLESS you say you are anonymos (sp?) anyway… Lots of traffic in and out af an apartment… Especially all hours of the night. (This can be attributed to crack, coke, meth. All hours of the morning can suggest Heroin. Also if they have a really nice car, jewlrey, but you don’t see them going to a 9-5 or having any taxable income. I was a former user and seller of Heroin for 10 years and celebrating 3 yrs. Clean. This is really all I can suggest unless there is a man on the corner handing things to ppl. (which would be pretty obvious) Just PLEASE be safe about this. Good luck and God Bless!

Ruth asks…

can my apartment charge me an on site transfer fee for moving to a different unit?

I am looking to move into a different apartment within my large apartment complex. I was just informed there is a $500 on site transfer fee. Assuming they aren’t moving my belongings for me, is it legal for them to charge this fee? What is it for? Given they know I pay my rent on time, they have lower risk renting the apartment to me as opposed to a new renter.

Administrator answers:

They can charge whatever fees they want, as long as they’re not lying about the fees or pulling a “bait and switch” on you. Each apartment/ company is entitled to have their own internal company rules and procedures as long as it does not violate the constitution. Assuming you live in America – this is what capitalism is all about. No price fixing and “anything” can be sold. With that said, you bring up good points as to why you shouldn’t have to pay the transfer fee. So you should negotiate it – EVERYTHING is negotiable if you are a wiz at the sales process.

As a renter, I always made sure I buttered up to the building manager and the maintenance folks by saying hi- stopping to chat and of course always paying rent on time….because when I needed their help I wanted them to be more inclined to help or give a discount when I needed something.

Mandy asks…

Has anyone ever had a yard sale in an apartment complex?

I am a college student(live in student based apaprtment community) getting ready to graduate soon and move to another place. I was thinking of maybe asking my apartment complex to have a community yard sale. Im sure there are other students who are probably getting ready to move away also or just have stuff like old clothes or house stuff there not using and could use some extra cash. Does anyone have any advice or think this would be a good idea.

Administrator answers:

They do all the time in LA!

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