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Your Questions About Apartment Complexes In Los Angeles

February 16, 2013

Donna asks…

Is there a fire code thats goes against vehicles blocking walkways into apartment complexes?

Specifically in the City of West Hollywood, Los Angeles County area.

- Vehicles that block walkways into entrance of apartment complex.

Administrator answers:

Generally fire codes prohibit blocking fire lanes so emergency vehicles can get through. A walkway isn’t a vehicle access so I don’t think the fire code is involved. I’d look for a parking violation, vehicles shouldn’t be on walkways. And maybe reckless driving, if that’s how the car got there.

(I don’t know specifically about West Hollywood)

Richard asks…

Unlawful Detainer and Rent Controlled Apartment Unit in Los Angeles, CA?

I had been working out my rent payments with my apartment complex to pay 50.00 late fee each month as I was not paid Unit the 15th of the month.A new Manager took over and filed a “Summary Judgment because by her rules I had to have bee there before Noon to pay. I offered to work it out with her & she advised that unless I came up with rent,late fee and 600.00 atty fees for eviction atty., I would have to leave. They immediately advertised my rent controlled unit for 300.00 more a month with the move in and court date both being 11/17/10- Is there a motion that I can file before that date and also advise of rent stabilization infraction?

Administrator answers:

There is no infraction, they can start with fair market rent with the new renter.

You are being evicted for non-payment, unless you pay you will be out. The sheriff should be enforcing the eviction by removing you around the 22nd.

The landlord is allowed to start trying to find a new tenant and minimize the time of the vacancy.

There are no motions to file, but you can file a response if you have proof that you do not owe the money or that you attempted to pay the money in full during the 3 day period. If you had the full amount of money by that time the landlord had to accept it.

George asks…

Is there a motel turned apartment complex at 6969 Sepulveda Blvd in Los Angeles, or is it gone now?

my mama used to live there, I visited her there. I was just wondering for old time’s sake. THere was a pool!

Administrator answers:

Yes, I drove by it this morning.

Charles asks…

can a police Officer in Los Angeles also have Entrepreneurial Endeavors?

can a police Officer in Los Angeles also have Entrepreneurial Endeavors?
Like owning a business or Real Estate or Owning an Apartment Complex as a Landowner and etc…. Is this possible or are there any regulations against it?

Administrator answers:

Yes you can. Check with the department or HR dept. To see if they require an outside employment form. This form basically lets them review what you are doing to make sure there is no conflict of interest.

Lizzie asks…

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles?

I have two questions. If you can answer either one or both I will appreciate it.
1. How much does a pack of Marlboro’s cost in the Los Angeles area?
2.Do you know of any apartment complexes or pretty cheap apartments and their locations, becuase I am moving to Los Angeles soon and I want to get a head start. I have heard about an Apartment complex near or behind highland and franklin or something like that (sorry, I’m from the other side of the country). If you could help that would be great.

Administrator answers:

Nothing is cheap in LA, including cigarettes. I don’t know what you currently pay, but be prepared for $7-$8 a pack, and don’t forget, Cali’s HATE smokers. When looking for apartments, I would be more concerned about security than price. Things in certain areas around Highland and Franklin can get a little dicey if you’re not careful. Especially at night. You’d be surprised how reasonable apartments can be in safer areas like Santa Monica, the Marina, and the Westwood area. You just have to look a little bit more. Also, look on cragislist. Many times there are houses for rent in good areas (although you may need a roommate), or people that own or rent houses that are looking for a roommate themselves. Good luck!

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