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Your Questions About Apartment Complexes In Los Angeles

June 21, 2013

Thomas asks…

LA Apartment A/C Rights?

I’m moving from FL to Los Angeles, CA and just put a deposit down to hold an apartment. The apartment I wanted doesn’t have AC and I knew that, but I accepted that because I planned to just get a portable AC instead. They just sent me a long list of their rules after I put my deposit down which included not allowing tenants to get their own AC units which I can’t imagine why. Does a Los Angeles apartment complex have the right to refuse tenants who want to purchase an AC unit including portable ones? Even if they have other rental units in the same complex with AC that they will charge extra monthly for?

Administrator answers:

They can not prevent a portable one, as long as it is completely contained within your unit. They can prohibit the type that you stick in a window.

The why is that they are an eye sore, make noise that others are disturbed by.

The indoor ones are very quiet and do not effect other people.

Sharon asks…

Can someone tell me about life in Los Angeles?

got accepted into an art school in los angeles.
the school is on wilshire blvd. between hollywood and beverly hills area.
if i attend, i will be coming all the way from buffalo. and living in an apartment complex that the school will be fixing me up with.

so, i want to know everything and anything about living in LA. anything you can think of. most information gets best answer.

Administrator answers:

I’m a los angeles native, born and raised. I recently moved up to Sacramento and I have to say… I miss my city.

To give you a good idea of what L.A is like, i’ll tell you all the stuff I took for granted, and now miss desperately.

The ocean. The sand, the water, the waves. The way the sun feels on my skin. Beach hair. The smell of suntan oil. Walking along the pier. Glow Fest in Santa Monica. The santa monica pier ferris wheel at night is perhaps one of the most spectacular things i’ve ever seen. During the summer, they have live music playing, usually local rock bands.

Frozen pancakes at Fred 62′s are soooo delicous. Cupcakes from Sprinkles. Pinkberry. Empanadas from the Empanada Factory on the Venice beach boardwalk.

LAMCA host “Night Vision” during the summer, it’s an outdoor party with famous DJ’s, a bar, fun adult arts and crafts, plus you can check out the musuem. It’s open late.

The L.A Cemetery shows movies on giant screens during the summer as well. You can bring a blanket, picnic basket with goodies (we always had wine and cheese, put people bring beer, wine coolers, candy etc.), pillows, candles, pretty much whatever you want. It’s so much fun and a great way to make new friends. Oh, and i promise it’s not as creepy as it sounds :)

I miss the boardwalk at Venice beach. I miss swimming in the ocean, then skateboarding in the skate park. I miss $5 sunglasses and yummy empanadas. I especially miss the drum circles….summer evenings, people gather around a bonfire and play huge bongo drums and sing. People dance and laugh and drink and just have fun in the sand. Towards the end of the night, we bundle up in blankets next to the fire and listen to the waves hit the shore. When we leave, our hair smells like bonfire and i always have a permanent smile.

Definitely check out the ArcLight, it’s my favorite movie theater. I miss Westwood village (by UCLA). I miss the halloween parade in santa monica every year (largest in the nation). I miss 4th of July’s in Huntington Beach. I miss all the yoga, strip aerobics, kickboxing, hiking, surfing, swimming, volleyball at the beach, and Runyon Canyon.

There’s tons of little botiques to explore. OoOOO I miss the 3rd street farmers market – i used to find the most exquisite things there. Food is another thing that I miss terribly. L.A has such a diverse food industry – you can find absolutely every type of cuisine imaginable, i’m not exaggerating! And the prices are spectacular.

Speaking of prices…. I miss $12 pedicures and $10 manicures. Up here in Sacramento, it’s $20 for a pedicure.

I miss the rooftop pool and club at The Standard downtown. I miss margarita mondays with friends, and sunday champagne brunches.

There’s so much to love about L.A, but you have to find it. And, I will admist, it is perhaps the most superficial place in the nation. Depending on where you go, it can be really bad or just normal….but yes, every transplant (non LA native) i’ve talked to said the same thing: we’re stuck up. Dont let this distract you. Smile often, laugh a lot. Dont let anybody get you down. Eventually, you’ll find friends you love and places that truly feel like home.

Susan asks…

Where is a good place for a potential actress/ entertainment industry employee to live in the Los Angeles area

I’m looking for advice on areas as well as apartment complexes. I probably want a studio b/t maybe $600-900 a month. Thanks!
Thanks for the help!
nevermind the $6-900 thing. That’s just the range i was seeing on that seemed decent. i guess i was wrong!

Administrator answers:

Laurel canyon baby……wait 6-900 …..
Laurel canyon blvd. When I left 20 yrs ago, for every one place that came up for rent, there was 250 people putting apps. In, and there was only 3,000,000 people in L.A. Then.

Ken asks…

How much should I pay my cat sitter?

I live in an apartment complex in Los Angeles. I have two cats. My neighbor in the apartment right next door came in twice a day to feed them and refresh their water. She also kept up the condition of the litter box and retrieved our mail. She did it for seven days. How much should I pay her?

Administrator answers:

The kitty-sitter I use charges $20/day for two daily visits, regardless of the number of cats. They stay for a half hour each visit, which includes feeding, litter change, petting time, play time, and medication when necessary…they even leave a little note to tell you how each visit went. Anyway…that’s my experience with a professional kitty-sitter. So, if this is someone you know that’s just helping you out, I’d say $50 for the week, plus a small but nice thank you gift would be more than enough.

Helen asks…

In the movie quarrantine what is the signifacne of March 11 2008?

I noticed that on the adveristing it said

“On March 11 2008, the government sealed off an apartment complex in Los Angeles. The residents were never seen again. No details. No witnesses. No evidence. Until now. “

Dose the date March 11th 2008 have any signifcance

Administrator answers:

I don’t think so. That movie was stupid.

Daniel asks…

Neighbors have Pitbull in Los Angeles Apartments?

In my apartment complex we have 2 neighbors that own dogs.
One lady has a pomeranian that is of no disturbance, she picks up after her dog and it is never noisy, I am aware she pays extra for her dog. We have another neighbor who has a Pitbull, that is very noisy and disturbs all of the neighbors! This pitbull came in as a puppy it is now an adult, very large and is hardly ever on a leash. In addition this dog has broken off a railing and the owner leaves its poop everywhere. My mother has a crutch and this is a hazard for her, what legal action can I take?

The owner is a 19 year old girl who lives with her father who ignores the neighbors complaints.

Administrator answers:

The VERY second that you see the dog loose, call animal control AND the police. Tell the police that the dog is dangerous and you are fearful of the neighborhood kids that are at play. You need to talk to the landlord about the poop issue……you should be able to file a complaint with the Health Department if they don’t fix that issue.

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