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Your Questions About Apartment Complexes In Los Angeles

June 28, 2012

Mandy asks…

What are some affordable and safe apartment complexes in the Los Angeles area?

I recently got a job in LA so I am looking to find an affordable and safe apartment in LA or in a city close to it. I asked around and some co-workers said Pasadena, Los Feliz, and Burbank are good places to look into living. I am single and looking for an apartment in the $700-$950 price range. Can anyone suggest a specific apartment complex or other affordable and safe cities? That would really help out my apartment hunt! Thank you :)

Administrator answers:

Where will you be working in LA? You’ll want to live as close to your work as you can, because our traffic can be awful. If you’re working in downtown LA or nearby, these areas will be OK, they are where many people live who work downtown. If you’re working on the Westside of LA, you’ll want to live out that way, and it will be tough on your budget, but you wouldn’t want to commute from out of the area. In that case, you’ll have to do a lot of searching in West LA and Culver City/Palms.

As far as specific complexes, those I know of that are large enough where there would often be vacancies, are out of your price range.

Los Feliz is nice, but tends towards very expensive, and generally isn’t as safe as Pasadena, Burbank, and Glendale. Most of these cities are nice and safe, but there are some rough neighborhoods, so you’ll want to check them out in person. It will be obvious if a place is not-so-safe, bars on windows, etc. Be sure you’re actually renting in these areas/cities. Some landlords say their property is in Los Feliz, but it’s actually in East Hollywood, which can be OKish, but not especially safe. Same thing for the cities, areas bordering Glendale, and Pasadena can be not so good. Sometimes it’s fine right on the border, same safety, etc, sometimes it can take a big drop in a couple of blocks, like Pasadena (and South Pasadena) and Highland Park (LA 90042). I really like parts of Highland Park, but where the apartments are it’s generally not the safest place to live.

Typically, a low end single in these areas starts at $800 a month, and you may not find something you like at that price, or it may take a lot of looking. For your budget, it’s likely you might find something in an older, smaller building, because they’ll have less amenities, and often these buildings will not advertise except for a sign out front.

If you’re not finding anything when searching, be sure you’re looking all over the cities, not just in the most central part.

Other areas to consider, depending on your work location, Alhambra, South Pasadena, and Sierra Madre. The last two tend toward being more expensive, but sometimes you can find something in your range, and they are very safe cities. Also, La Crescenta-Montrose, at the northern end of Glendale, might be an option depending on where you’re working. The Glendale 2 freeway is “better” than most, but of course it still gets slow, just not as bad as most freeways in LA.

Here are some places to look online for apartments:

There are lots of rental scams out there, be careful if you use a website that has scam warnings on it. Google: Los Angeles rental scams, and rental scams

Safety info:

Click on Safety, and then Map, and check the lists below. This is good general overall info. In larger cities, some areas may be safer, while some less safe, than the number indicates.

Neighborhood info:

Before looking, check your credit history for free, this is the official FTC (government) authorized website for free credit reports:
You can check once a year at all 3 credit reporting agencies. If there are any mistakes, try to get them fixed before looking for an apartment.

Good luck!

David asks…

Is it legal for my apartment complex in Los Angeles to only allow me to use one cable installing company?

I am moving into a new place, and the ONLY way to get cable and internet is to use this company called Consolidated Smart Systems. They only do Direct TV and charge an extra 8 dollars a month to “maintain the service” which sounds like a total scam to me. Is it legal for an apartment building to not only limit me to having to use Direct TV instead of any cable provider, but to have to use this sneaky company that will install it and add extra chargers? For example, I can’t call Direct TV and have them install it, I have to use these middle men that only install Direct TV. I assume the company has some deal going with the landlord where they get cutbacks or something. Is there anything I can do? I’ve already signed the lease, so I am stuck.

Administrator answers:

Actually it IS against the law to prohibit any tenant from choosing their own cable or Direct TV provider. Go to the FCC website for all the rules.
A landlord cannot tell the tenant who they will use, even if it is in the lease. Its against the law. His lease is invalid because of it being against the law. So call the cable company you want and use it. Let this landlord tell you that you broke the lease, then show him the FCC website (print it out) and tell him that he broke the law and if he tries to throw you out of your house, you will contact the attorney general, the FCC, and the city inspectors and turn him in. You would have a heck of a law suit.

I have just gone through this with one of my tenants. Only difference is my tenant is a lawyer and not a very good one. She did everything wrong including attaching a dish satillite to my outside roof (against FCC and MY rules) and did not use the existing dish provided for this very thing. She lost and ended up paying to have it removed and the roof repaired.

Print out those laws on the

Carol asks…

What is the legal size for parking spaces in an apartment complex in Los Angeles?

Our apartment owner has made three parking spaces out of what was once two. We can’t even open our car doors. Is this legal?

Administrator answers:

Just some thoughts….

Was it 2 or 3 spaces before you signed your lease?
If it started out 3 when you moved in that’s what you signed up for.
If your owner changed it from 2 to 3 during your lease term you may have a shot at going after him.

(is the space part of your lease or is it free for all for people in the complex?)

Charles asks…

What is the name of the apartment complex in Los Angeles the simmons girls live in on Mtvs Daddys girls?

Im relocating and I like that area so I wanted to get a bit of information on those and some others

Administrator answers:

I believe they live in an apartment near The Grove – outdoor mall & movies.

Joseph asks…

Can you recommend a nice apartment complex in Los Angeles/Hollywood?

Rent must be between $500 – $700.

Looking for a place for move in around November 1st, 2007


Administrator answers:

Check out The cost your looking for will be hard to find. Try looking into surrounding cities.

Nancy asks…

California/Local Los Angeles laws regarding apartment complexes and tenant/visitor parking?

Hey everyone. If anyone knows where I could look to find state or local laws and regulations regarding apartment complexes and available parking that would be awesome. I have no idea where to begin to look for this stuff or how to properly format a Google search for it. I have a friend who lives in a very large apartment complex that holds over 500 units. There are literally only 10 visitor spaces provided in the complex. Technically they aren’t even visitor spots, they are labelled as ‘future tenant’ and have a time slot allotting when the space can be used. Normally I wouldn’t gripe about this and just find parking out on the street like any other complex with bad parking. However, this situation is particularly troublesome because there is literally zero legal street parking available for a half mile in every direction. Compound that with the fact that the street he lives on is all kinds of shady and is pretty likely to result in visitors being mugged/harassed on their way in and out to their cars. The apartment complex basically issues stickers for registered tenants and they are the only ones allowed to park in the thousands of parking spots painted inside the complex. They don’t even provide handicap parking until you’re way inside the security gate (ie, there is no handicap access in the allotted ‘future tenant’ parking outside of the security gate). I feel that the apartment complex may be violating my friend’s tenant rights as this situation effectively prevents him from having guests unless his guests are willing to park a half mile down the street at greater risk to their cars and themselves. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You will not find any laws like that, none exists. The only law in place regarding parking is that they have to provide handicap parking, and apparently they have done that.

This is private property, and there are no laws requiring anyone to allow public parking on their land.

Donna asks…

is it illigal to own a washer and dryer if i live in an apartment complex in los angleles?

is it illigal to own a washer and dryer if i live in an apartment complex in los angeles or do i even need a permit?

Administrator answers:

Not illegal, but you need permission from the landlord.

Daniel asks…

I live in an apartment complex in Los Angeles and we don’t have a recycling bin. How can I get one?

I can’t stand seeing all of these newspapers and plastics bottles in the trash cans. Even though I know it gets sorted out later, I’d like to teach the people in the apartment buildings to be a bit more green and help out. No one recycles and no one wants to bother to take the trash to any recycling centers. HELP! We need a recycling bin big enough for the whole complex!!!

I was trying to research in how to get one, but I got no luck! Thank you! :) Easier process?

Administrator answers:

Start with you landlord. Explain to him or her that their garbage bill could go down if they change the garbage collect method being used now and change it to a recycle program.

YOu will show your concern and also maybe help your landlord to save money too.,,, not to even thing of what your will be doing for our country.

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