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December 7, 2012

George asks…

where do i get a contract for the apartments to sign if im an apartment finder who is bringing them clients?

to be an apartment finder in our state we are not required to be licensed realtors.. the people hired to rent the apartments are not licensed.. regardless showing people apartments does not require a license selling homes does.. im asking about a contract so that the leasing offices pay me my client finder fee

Administrator answers:

You had better have a real estate license if you expect to be paid. If you have a license, those forms are available from your broker.


Donald asks…

Does anyone know of a good apartment finder in Portland, OR?

I am relocating back to the States and am looking for some specific things in an apartment. Apartment services? Relocation services? Sorry, I don’t know the correct name!

Administrator answers:

Here is a link to Apartment Finders. They are nation wide and have a pretty good relocation help service.


Hop this helps.

Mandy asks…

what apartment finder websites are the best to use?

im 18 and barely moving out of my parents home.

Administrator answers: is good for apartment buildings. Also, check if your local newspaper has online classified listings. If you live in Ohio, has great listings that are compiled from tons of local newspapers. You can search by city and property amenities. Check to see if your state has a similar kind of website. Also, is good. Some websites even offer you bonuses if you provide them with a copy of your lease after finding your apartment on their website.

Another option you can try is talking to a local realtor. It won’t cost you anything to use a realtor since their fee will be covered by the landlord. Some landlords list homes for rent with real estate agents and it could be a fast way of finding a bunch of options. This varies by region though. Some places, this is very popular to do and other places, it’s practically unheard of. You should look into it to see.

Happy hunting!

Nancy asks…

What does this mean? I am looking at an Italian apartment finder and having trouble understanding their abbrev

What does the m2 mean?

What does eur/m2 mean?

And for example what does:

Euro 124.000

480.000 mean?

Does that mean per month pay?

Administrator answers:

M/2 is square meters. They use square meters instead square feet when communicating room/home size.
Eur/m2 means Euro per square meter

Euro 124 means 124 Euros, that’s the currency used in Italy.

Yes, that is the rental per month. You can go to yahoo finance to figure out what a euro is worth. Recently, 1 euro has been worth between 1.50 and 1.60 USD (US Dollars)

Paul asks…

How do I find an apartment FINDER? I know there are people out there that do this for a living…How do I find


Administrator answers:

Craig’s list
good luck

Daniel asks…

How do I create a Website like, apartment

How do I build a website where people search for apartments? A website like,… and such.
Maybe the kind of programming language I should use, do I need notepad?
Im a beginner in this. Anything to point me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You can google some free opensource and then re-edit it

Ruth asks…

apartment finder services for ft. lauterdale?

I am moving to ft. lauterdale from Texas in January and I am trying to find somewhere to live. I’m not sure of different areas or apartments, so I thought that there was a apartment finder service I could utilize. I may or may not be able to go visit so i would like to do as much over email and by phone.

Administrator answers:

You would save more money contacting several “property management companies” I’d also look up address on a “spotcrime” site just be be sure that I wasn’t trading my safety for a few buck savings

Sandra asks…

Are there any publications in Athens, Ohio that publish available rentals like Apartment Finder?

Administrator answers:

You can try online services like or Im also looking for a place but in connecticut and its slim pickings these days with the slowing housing market.

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