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February 18, 2013

Joseph asks…

which apartment finder offers $100 if you find an apartment on their site?

Administrator answers:

Michael asks…

Do I need a real estate broker’s license to start a apartment finder company (to lease units for landlords)?

Im trying to lease units only, not manage

Administrator answers:

It depends on the state.

Below is a site with a list of the requirements for property managers in every state. Basically, if you are negotiating with a tenant, you will need to follow these laws.

David asks…

Is there an apartment finder service in San Diego?

Administrator answers:

Every city has them; call RE brokers too and property management

Nancy asks…

Does anyone know of an apartment service/rental finder in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

I’ve looked on the internet, but all I find are services for holiday/vacation rentals. Which site/resources do locals use?

I’m looking for a long-term rental for about one year or more.


Administrator answers:

Good morning,
I work for The Apartment Service, the largest booking agent for serviced apartments in Europe. As luck would have it, I have just found a serviced apartment for a long term stay for one of our clients in Sao Paulo. Please email me for more information.


Bard Vos

Ruth asks…

I need a reliable apartment finder!!?

I’m planning on moving to Carbondale, Illinois so I can attend SIU. I can’t afford housing so I want to rent an appartment. Since I live far from Carbondale I can’t look around for apartment and I want a really reliable site that’ll help me find an apartment. Please help

Administrator answers:

Two good site to look for apts. Are and You can also place a ad for wanting a apt and your specific details for free. Best Wishes and Good Luck in College. Some of the best years of my life.

Paul asks…

What’s the deal with free local apartment finders?

Are they a scam or anything? Do they try to put you into an apartment thats overpriced or anything? I like in san antonio and there are alot of free local apartment finders and they will give you a prize or something if you use them and i found that fishy. Would i be better off just searching on my own?

Administrator answers:

They get paid by the owner. It’s usually a month’s rent. They get the listings that the owner/manager is having trouble renting out – usually – or just don’t want to lease by themselves. They take you around and handle getting the keys and making appointments. It’s not a scam, but they don’t get paid until you sign a lease, so like any salesperson they have that commission to gain.

Steven asks…

apartment finder in berwyn il?

i live in berwyn illinois could anyone tell me where there is apartments for rent in berwyn for $600 or less? if yes tell me :) plz i need this information as soon as possible.

Administrator answers:

Check out this site:

Sandy asks…

Movin to Chicago,IL soon , Do you know of any apartment finders in that area?

Hi everyone, Im in Phoenix,AZ and I will be moving to Chicago, IL soon , Do you know of any free apartment finders in that area?
I am looking for the real apartment finders(professionals) who know the area well and have inside contacts. Im NOT looking for the online websites. Your help is monumentally appreciated. Please help in making this move smooth. God Bless.
Ill be working in downtown chicago.Somewhere near sears tower.

Administrator answers:

It depends on where your going to work, because you don’t want to drive and live on the north side. There are no garages and no place to park there.

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