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August 1, 2013

Mary asks…

What do I need to know about renting apartment?

My sister and I are moving out. We want to look for an apartment, but we do not know what to look for except for 1 bedroom. What we want from an apartment is it in safe neighborhood. Is there anything else that we need to look into? Do they need to check our credit score order to rent an apartment? What if we don’t have good score, does that means we can’t rent the apartment?

My friend also mentioned about low-income qualification, how does this work?

Administrator answers:

Done this with my sibling when I first moved out. As people mature, they have friends come over when you want privacy. Sometimes people of the opposite sex spend the night. Are you sure you want a one bedroom? Ground rules on guest and overnights disappear after a couple of months when you both have violated them.

Get two bedrooms, the privacy issues are just too great and will cause problems. Even though you love your sis, there can be too much togetherness.

First, figure in the cost of all utilities, and decide how things like cable TV and phone bills are going to be split. Then figure in food cost and how you are going to split that.

Then decide what you will do when one of you decides to move out in a year or so. How does the person leaving get their deposit? What if they leave a mess?

And as a last reminder, get furniture and things you need from friends, not the charity stores. Those stores full of parasites and roaches. They are in the furniture, appliances and anything else they can hide in. When you bring something home from one of those stores, you just imported pest into your apartment.

Mark asks…

What do you think would be reasonable rent?

I am looking for a one bedroom or two bedroom apartment in a low income college area in Massachusetts. Including heat, utilities, and rent, what do you think is reasonable asking price for something that is small and one or two bedroom?

Administrator answers:

That depends on supply and demand…

Buy the Saturday edition of every local paper and check out what rentals go for in this area. If there are a lot of empty rentals available the price will be moderate… But if there are more students than rentals then landlords will ask more for rent… Because they know they can get it.

Lizzie asks…

How can i find an low income apartment in atlanta,ga?

im lookin to find an Low income Apartment in Atlanta,GA im moving from Mississippi and tryin to find a place live.

Administrator answers:

Low-income in Atlanta is suicide.

Your better off living about 40 miles from Atlanta where the prices for apartment rentals drop by nearly 30%.

I lived in Atlanta and I paid $1,200.00 a month for an apartment.

Needless to say I lived there six months before bailing out into a $680.00 a month apartment away from the heart of the City.

You have to make at least $40,000 a year gross to live in Atlanta just to get by. Any income under that your destined to crack under the rock of society.

On the other hand now there is the option of living with someone and share the rent to accomodate you or find a room like my friend did that are the back side of homes that have a shower, stove bed,small dining table with two chairs, small living room and that’s it. It’s not the greatest in the world, but when it comes to Atlanta it’s a great way to start off the climb to success.

I visit him last week and where he lives is so cool. A very quite neighborhood, but at least its’ a place to stay and the people he rents from are a very nice old couple that has been married for 50 years.

They don’t bother him and he has his own drive way to the back of the house where his room is at.

The rent he pays are you ready for this? $300.00 a month…that’s right 300.00 a month for his room and that includes the power and water. He has to pay for his own cable T.V. And he has a cell phone so he’s in like flint.

Lasy year he ate Thanksgiving dinner with the couple and their relatives. He cuts the grass for them too when he has a chance and helps the old man do projects around the house on his off days and gets paid for it too.

Because of the gracious married couple..he has got the chance of a life time to move up the ladder. He just bought a new 2007 Acura and has been promoted to Manager on his job where he has been with them for 12 years. He recenlty graduated from College too. He desire and his drive to succeed in Atlanta has paid off.

He makes more money now and has been saving his money for his car and now he is going to buy a house. He doesn;t want to get married just yet, but he plans on marrying his fiance who works for the Atlanta Police Department.

He has lived there for six years and plans on buying a house next year.

The couple says he will be the last renter they rent that room too.

Their too old to deal with just anybody, but they gave one Man with a desire to become someone in Atalanta with a good job the opportunity and being he was in College gave him that boost.

So the moral here is that if you are determined to succeed in Atlanta you will and there are good people in Atlanta even though, you have low income that are willing to help you establish ground and gain speed quickly.

Anybody who comes to Atlanta with a $30,000 a year income will most likely bite the dust hard unless you meet a lively couple like Mike did that gave him hope and he is so ever gracious to them for them for allowing him to stay there.

The best part of this story is that their daughter worked for the Police Department and it’s her parents house where she met Mike. I love telling this story to all my friends because it has a ring to it in some way and also helps others know that it doesn;t have to be bad…only if you make it that way and that’s anywhere you live.

Peace out.

God Bless You and I wish you well in Atlanta.

Thomas asks…

How does Low income apartments work?

so i dont have much money but i need an apartment. can some one explain to me how low income apartments works? do they lower rent based on your income or how does is work and how can it help me?

Administrator answers:

Low income is usually subsidized housing——which means that you have to get into a program(such as section 8). Once into the program, you then find an apartment that qualifies and accepts subsidized tenants.. You then pay a discounted rent and the rest of the rent is subsidized by the program. Contact your local agencies

Laura asks…

Really interested in apartment how would I be able to get accepted?

I applied to these apartments and I really want to get accepted but they told me that I needed to live in a previous apartment complex and I needed a stement of child support. These are apartments for low income families. My only problem is I don’t live in a apartment community would there be a way to get around this? I really like those apartments and I am capable of paying the rent and such and I would be a very good tenant. I am qualified except in that aspect would there be a way to get around that?

Administrator answers:

That is like saying you are qualified to get a driver’s license except you cannot pass the test. If you cannot supply what is required, then you are not qualified.

Linda asks…

How do you qualify for low income housing?

My boyfriend makes about 900 dollars a month and I make about 800. We do not have a child. We both make minimum wage, and I live in WA.

Would we qualify for low income housing?

Administrator answers:

Contact your local HUD office. Most programs are only for low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled; so, if you don’t have any children… You would not qualify. Most programs also have work requirements of at least 35 hours per week. Is the above income your gross or net pay? The two of you are above the poverty level for 2 people (it’s $14,570/year) and if you’re grossing $1,700/month – that’s putting you at $20,400/year. However, if you’re working full-time, your gross is higher than this at minimum wage. Some counties have subsidized apartments for single working adults and will put your rent at 30% of your pay. So, you would pay $510/month in rent and would likely qualify for a 1 bedroom (this is if this is your gross pay). Are there any 1 bdrm or studios in your city available for $510? If you’re working 40 hours per week at minimum wage, then your monthly gross is actually, $2,513/month and this would put your rent at $753.90/month (because the 30% is based on gross income).

Your best option is to contact your local HUD office to find out if there are any programs for two single adults… Unfortunately, the likely answer is going to be no unless the adults were disabled and unable to work. Good luck to you… Rent is difficult when you’re making minimum wage.

Helen asks…

im looking for a way to explain income restrictions and low income housing vs based off income any help?

im trying to explain how low income housing, income restrictions and based of income are all differnt to my friend. idk if im explaining it to complex for her to understand or no so any help would be great. thanks!
meant to say based OFF income above. sorry
meant to say based OFF income above. sorry

Administrator answers:

Well they are all related and very similar.

Low income housing: Apartments that are subsidized by the state. They all have income restrictions and the rents are usually based on your income.

Income restrictions: a minimum income that must be met and a maximum that cannot be exceeded.

Based off income: They look at how much you make and take a percentage of that as your rent.

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