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August 19, 2013

Richard asks…

Whats the best way to get disability low income Housing help in North Carolina?

I’m on full disability income. That is relly low income I have called a lot of Hud numbers and Housing Authority and SSI. It sames there is relly no help out there.No workers call me back but only with a litte info. I know they dont want to help but What is the best thing to do? I relly need a home in 3 moths. Can someone give me some tips out there.

Administrator answers:

Usually in every local apartment guide you will find below many apartment listings, depending on the area, what they call “low efficiency” apartments; meaning based on income. That is your best bet…otherwise, you can contact your local rooming houses; they may be able to help you in many ways. Also, many ads in the classifieds under apartments, homes to rent, and rooms to rent can be informative.

Maria asks…

How can i find downpayment assistance in texas?

I need help finding a downpayment assistance program in the dfw area of texas. Yes i am low-income but as much as im paying to rent my two bedroom apartment my husband, kids, and i could be living in our own home. So i just want to know if there is any programs out there for downpayment assistance?

Administrator answers:

You MUST be joking. Are you insane? Owning isn’t that big a deal.

Charles asks…

Whats the lowest my income should be to get first apartment?

I’m looking to move out of my parent’s house and get myself an apartment. I make about $630 a month. My boss refuses to give me more hours ( something about company policy ). I had a cousin who had an apartment and never went to work. She had a baby when she was a teenager though, so I guess that’s why. How do people who make low income normally get apartments? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

There is no way you can afford an apartment on $600/mo. The max rent you can afford is one week’s pay per month’s rent. So where are you going to find an apt for $150/mo? You can barely afford the electric bill and groceries, and still be able to take the bus to work.

If your current boss has no more hours for you, find another job, find a second job, or go to school and get some proper training for a better job. You cannot keep living on pennies for very long, so do something to better your life & your income instead of looking for someone to do it for you like your cousin did.

Ruth asks…

Can i get housing assitance if my only income is SSI?

I really need my own apartment, but I can’t work. My only income is SSI for disability. But I only get like 600 something and I’m already scraping by. Can I get help paying for an apartment with such a low income and on disability? Does anyone know how much monthy rent usually is? Or know of a website where I can find this info? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Please help me get assitance for my brother that he disable and can,t work

William asks…

What is Federal or State rental subsidies?

My fiance and i are looking at low income housing for our first place to live on our own with our new son. We were looking at the Roxbury Ridge Apartments website (in shippensburg,pa) and it said that they go by the income but it say’s they also take Federal or State Rental Subsidies and we where just wondering what that is? I’ve never heard of it and neither has he. So can someone tell us what Federal or state rental subsidies is?

Administrator answers:

The federal government provides participating states with funds to provide housing for low income people. There are several programs, ranging from providing a government owned apartment, to giving you money to rent your own apt. Section 8 housing is the most common.

Section 8 program is income based. You would be given part or all of your rent money based on your income. The more money you make, the less rent money they will give you. The less rent money, the more they will give you.

The apt. Owners prefer federal or state programs because they know the government will pay on time each month. They will be able to direct you to the proper places to apply.

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