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September 21, 2012

Mandy asks…

If there is an income restriction on an apartment complex is it considered low income housing ?

For example if the income restriction is 23,000 (the maximum I could make to stay in the complex) is it considered low income housing, section 8 housing, or something close to that ? Can someone please explain it to me, I’m trying to rent an apartment in the complex..

Administrator answers:

YES! Having a max income is the definition of low income housing. It is not Section 8. If you make to much then you cannot live there. I know it may not seem fair, but think of those that make less money and cannot afford a conventional apartment.

EDIT: Not all tenants on Section 8 are going to cause a problem, PEOPLE!!! All Section 8 means is that they are disabled, seniors or do not make enough money to support their family. It REALLY PISSES me off when people put down Section 8 or tell people to be careful in properties that take Section 8. When did poor and less fortunate in this country come to mean criminal and degenerate?????

Some of my best and longest term tenants are on Section 8.

EDIT: That is YOUR specific location. A bad governing body in your specific location DOES NOT make Section 8 bad all over the country. Bad mouthing your local section 8 here does NOT do any one any good!!

Steven asks…

Can I get loan for apartment building if I am low income?

Hi I am low income and like to buy apartment building and rent the apartments/not live in it/ is there chance of getting loan. I believe my credit is good and can put down payment. Thank you Katerina

Administrator answers:

I’m a little confused, why would you reat it and not live in it? Are you talking about buying the complex itself and being the landlord?

Sandy asks…

programs for low income young parents that want to go to college and live in an low income apartment?

I am 20 going on 21, my husband is also the same age, we are expecting a son soon in late august and we need help. We both want to go back to college and also live in low income housing for a few years so we can become stable, does anyone know any programs that help with this in any state? I need help with daycare, rent and college

Administrator answers:

Go online to college, University of phoenix offers great classes and full aide. That means you would not have to pay for school til you were done and then its like 200 a month. Then you will get discounts on taxes and car insurance, all kinds of stuff!

William asks…

can’t get rent apartment if have bad credit?

Hi, I am wonder my low-income salary can’t get rent apartment because I have bad credit. I am looking for low-income rent Apartment.please let me know more informant. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

This question cannot be answered as you did not indicate what city you are in.

George asks…

can a low income property refuse to allow people with higher incomes to rent?

so this is the situation i moved to this small town in western washington for a job. well there are only 3 apartment complexes in town. one is regular with no income restrictions. the other 2 are low income only. the problem is the apartment that has no restrictions is small and has no amenities and all rented out . and the other 2 places say if you make more then this you cant rent from them and they have everything washer dryers fireplaces. and to make things worse is the nearest town is 35 miles away.

Administrator answers:

They are required by federal law to refuse to rent to people outside the rent limits. The rent is low because the tax payers are paying part of it, and that help paying rent is only for low income familes.

Paul asks…

i’m looking for low income housing in escanaba, michigan. Anyone know of a place available for rent?


Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Good luck with your search.

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