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October 18, 2012

Betty asks…



Administrator answers:

Since you are a Yahoo user, why not try:

Good luck with your search.

Sandy asks…

looking for apartment according to income in zion illnois area?

looking for low income apartment for rent 450-600 a month in zion area

Administrator answers:

Have you thought about racine,wis? You could rent a house for 600 in racine.

Richard asks…

I would like to take over my mom’s mortgage so she can move in to a low-income apartment…?

My mom owns a house and a mortgage she has been paying on for 5 years. I would like to take over the payments so she can move in to a low-income apartment. The problem is my credit is terrible so I wouldn’t qualify for a loan. My question is: Can she keep the house and rent it to me for the amount of the house payment and still be able to live in the apartment or is that against housing regulations? I’m in Oklahoma by the way.

Also, even though her credit isn’t that great, she is in good standing with the mortgage company. So what are the chances they would turn the mortgage over to me if she co-signs? That would get her out of home ownership if that turns out to be a problem with the housing authority.

By the way, her payment is just under $200 per month, so if she claimed that as income along with her $800 from disability, I don’t think it would disqualify her from the apartment as far as income is concerned.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Find out from the mortgage company if you can take over her loan and your mom be the co signer
or you and your mom can make a private deal put it in writing ,you live in her house and pay the payment and all utilities and taxes and have a lawyer draw up the paper and have it state that if any thing happens to your mom you get the House and property…[ it will not affect her income]

George asks…

How can I get a grant to provide affordable rent to people with disabilities?

Hi, I have some investment capital but I want to purchase a 4 unit building and convert it to a disability accessable apartments with low income rent affordability. Can I get a grant to pay for any of purchase of the property and the renovations that would be necessary to provide this kind of housing. I am disabled and want to live in one of the units.

Has anyone done something like this? Can something like this be done? What are all the angles. Any info is greatly appreciated!

Administrator answers:

I really think that an undertaking like this needs a full time husky budget like only some government or government subsidized charity can maintain.

So you could approach a local government representative with your proposal and see if it flies. Anybody that i know with a dream like yours gets an eight year run-a round, at least.

Good luck….this is your reality check.

Linda asks…

aside from sec. 8, does anyone know of any programs that will rent low-income families?

I live in illinois and I would like to know if anyone is familiar with any programs , aside from section 8 or public housing, that assist or help people in finding apartments that are for low-income people or families?

Administrator answers:

Why not squat or… a county tax foreclosure?

Lizzie asks…

How do i covince my husband to rent a low priced apartment?

We pay $1500 rent for a 1-bed apt. (California). The only advantage being that it is 5 miles from where my husband works. But since our monthly income is only 2400 it is too much for us. My husband hopes to get a better job within some months. As our lease expires next month i would go for a cheaper apartment in another locality. But my husband argues that it is a matter of few months before he changes his job and so we can continue paying what we are. I feel its not wise to continue paying so much even if we have hopes of an increased salary because we are planning a baby and i would like to save every bit i can. How do i convince my husband to about it.
i cannot delay the baby much longer since i am already 28 , and i cannot work as i am on a o workable visa.

Administrator answers:

Tell him you will move in the low priced apartment with your mother and he can stay put. He will have you out by nightfall.

Mary asks…

Renting a low income apartment & on govt. assistance?

Would i be able to rent an apartment, i’m pregnant, i cant get a job right now and im currently getting assistance from the govt. and im wondering if its possible. I never had a credit card before, someone told me i hafta have some type of credit thing to rent an apartment, so what would i do? do i tell them im on assistance? would they accept me or do i have to have some type of job. what if the assistance covers the rent etc..
this is the first time since im only 18 and im on my own so i have no clue what to do.

and i cant sign up for section 8.
i am in CA

Administrator answers:

First of all what state are you in? Some states have low income housing for people in your situation. If you have no credit history you will more then likely need a co signer for a lease. I would go to the govt. Office that your getting assistance from and ask them if they know of any housing places that you would be able to get into. Good luck.

Charles asks…

Should I bother applying for low income housing if I owe back rent?

My boyfriend and I used to have an apartment together, but we both got laid off from our jobs and couldn’t pay the rent anymore. The owners gave us a few months to try and catch up, but we couldn’t and had to leave.

We now each live at home and I can’t stand being here anymore. I want to apply for low income housing but I don’t know if I should bother since we still owe some of that money… even though the landlord said they’d give us a good reference since we were otherwise good tenants. Will they even process an application if you owe?

Administrator answers:

The answer depends on the type of low income housing and the number of living units available in your area.

HUD housing varies from vacancies in my area to a 5 yr. Wait in other parts of the country. A portion of HUD housing is paid by the renter, so renters with a good rental history are accepted before renters with a bad history of paying rent. If space is available, anyone who qualifies for HUD is accepted, even those with bad histories of paying rent.

The two people posting above are not familiar with HUD. HUD housing is income based, with preference given to certain disabilities or dependents, but when those slots are filled, anyone with qualifying low income (or lack of income) is eligible.

Helen asks…

Can you sublet a room out when you live in a low income apartment?

I am living with a disabled woman who lives in a low income housing development. I get paid for being here from 10 pm-6 am while she sleeps. She also collects half the rent from me, about 300.00 per month. She is getting a great deal on this apartment because all she has is social security income. I have been told by her family not to let the apartment management know that I am paying rent to her, because then they will raise her rent. I am employed by an agency that agreed with her family to charge her caregiver rent. I am never here, and spend the weekends at my boyfriends and most of the evenings there too. I really feel like I am being ripped off but I am nervous about saying something because I don’t want to lose my job. I have already paid 5 months worth of rent to her and I feel like I am being scammed and obligated into paying rent just so I can keep my job. Can someone out there please advise. I know in my head that paying rent at your workplace isn’t right.

Administrator answers:

You are paying rent for the right to work?

Excuse my french, but that is bull s$%^. This woman is conning you.

Yes, it is illegal for her to be charging you rent, not only housing laws but employment laws as well.

If the agency agreed the freakin’ agency should be paying the rent.

Personally I would tell the apartment manager, you should at least be covered under their insurance if you are paying for the privledge.

The EDD would be interested in this as well. You are being scammed by both her and your employer.

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