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January 10, 2013

Helen asks…

i signed a lease for an apartment that was part of low income,?

i signed a lease for an apartment that was low income and you could not be a full time student, i only paid the security deposit and got the keys, i haven’t a paid first months rent yet. 48hr later i got accepted to the college i applied to and now im a full time student, does this make the lease void or am i still bound by the lease because im decided to take the college route especially since it is a full scholarship…what can i due, i haven’t even moved in yet.

Administrator answers:

By applying for an apartment that had restrictions when you knew you had applied to college, you are guilty of fraud.

You should notify the management that you are no longer eligible. They may keep your security deposit for damage; wasted time and expense to re-advertise and show the unit.

Sandra asks…

how do low-income(DISABILITY) APARTMENTS work?? if the rent is based on my income from my disability checks.?

I am not sure how it works. I am disabled and want to know this so I may get my own place. My disability check is the ONLY source of income that I have. I need to make sure that it is enough for and to save money and also to put money towards my car for gas. insurance. and occasional repairs to car. I am afraid that all my money will be used for rent and if so I won’t have any money left to LIVE. I can not work.

Administrator answers:

Sign up with the housing authoirty. There is a wait list. You could have to wait up to 9 years, depending on where you live. You pay 1/3rd of your income towards rent.

Sharon asks…

low income housing in kenosha wi?

does anyone know of any low income apartments for cheap rent in kenosha, wi?? please help

Administrator answers:

Go to and search by city.


John asks…

what els could be included for monthly payments?

Im moving out soon and looking for an aprtment. Im trying to calculate out the payments per month and per yaer so i know what i am looking at for money. I know it isnt going to be pretty but here is some of the things ive came up with.

Monthly Expenses

0-50 non food groceries (not every month)
50-75 for gas
0-200 for food (food stamps)
250-550 for apartment (low income rent)
50-100 for electric bill
37 for home phone (Quest) and internet.
0-10 pet expenses

Yearly expenses

300-1000 car insurance (both)
300-600 health insurance (both)
50-200 car maintenance
25-200 clothing
50-150 for medical co pays


Total of maximum payments per month and year
Total of minimal payments per month and year

PLEASE add wahtever els you can think of into your comments PLEASE! Thank you for you time.
i have found some aprtments for good range in price such as,
Adams Square Apartments
229 S. Adams Rd.
Spokane Valley, WA 99216

Name: Model 1A
Sq. Ft: 568
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1 Deposit: $300
Rent Range: $435 – $450
Utilities Included: Water, Trash Pickup

Meadow Ridge
12422 East Mansfield
Spokane, WA 99216

(866) 480-5779 ext. 6244
Name: A1
Sq. Ft: 600
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1 Deposit: $300
Rent Range: $470
Utilities Included: Gas, Water, Trash Pickup

Administrator answers:

Water and trash pick up expenses, credit cards, savings account, you did not allow enough for gas or groceries, over the counter meds, health deductables,laundromat?, dental, haircuts, entertainment, your phone/inet seems a bit low to me, cell phone?, charitable giving?, printer ink, I hope you have a small pet…

Good Luck and happy moving out! :)

Susan asks…

Help finding options to rent with low income?

Hello, I’m trying to find a home for my family. Currently there are 4 of us, living in a 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. With my girls becoming 15 and 16 soon, this small space is NOT enough. I would like a 3-4 bedroom house (4 preferred) in the local area, for maximum of 1000 a month out of my pocket.

I know, it sounds impossible. BUT I was thinking maybe there is a local way to get help on rent. I’ve heard of section 8 but the waiting list is horrendous and I need to move my family quickly. Any tips on getting a place suitable for my family, but on low budget?

PS I live in Los Angeles County

Administrator answers:

No, there is no assistance that would have a waiting list shorter then your children becoming adults, besides all programs require you and spouse to both work, and that will make your income middle, not low.

You will need to move out of the county to find that kind of house for that little. Tulare or Inyo counties will meet your desires.

Ken asks…

18 yr old renting for the first time, low income, have cosigner- my chances of getting an apartment?

I’m currently living with my mother, so I have no rental history (or credit history). I receive $750 in child support every month (I’m the child) and will continue to until I’m 21. I do tutoring that brings in a whopping $120 a month. It’s just $30 a week in cash, so it’s very under-the-table and not viable to put as “employment” on an application (tax-free income!). My parents will be paying for everything but food and any utilities that aren’t included in rent. My mom is willing to be my cosigner. She has spectacular credit and a good-paying job. What are my chances of getting an apartment?

Administrator answers:

Chances are very good. But it will probably depend a whole lot on the apartment and the area too. The fact that your mother has good credit and is willing to co-sign with you is a very good thing in your favor. Your first apartment will give you a chance to start establishing your credit; so will having any utilities in your name and a telephone. The low income shouldn’t be a major problem, as long as you’re getting enough to cover the rent and your other monthly expenses. They will count the tutoring income, if you want them to. Since your mother will be giving you additional support (ie. The utilities and the food), she will probably have to put that in written form for the landlord. Good luck as you start your new life off! Be really responsible now and you’ll reap the rewards for it later in your life.

Donna asks…

Financial Aid & Low Income Housing?

I want to apply for a low income apartment, and my only income is Financial Aid. I am curious as to how they go about figuring out rent.
I have a grant, and a loan. The grant by the time I get the refund check is just about gone due to classes and fees. The loan check that comes in is a little less than $1800 and is for me to live off of for THREE MONTHS.
ALSO, on the financial aid website it gives me an overview “estimating” about how much money is for which fundings. (i.e. they divide my money out based on Fees, Tuition, Transportation, Room & Board, etc…) Mind you they only give an estimate, and it’s just a guide to work off of.

So what I am wondering is how the low income apartments (which usually take 30% of your income for rent) go about deciding how much I’d pay for rent.
My question is, do you think they’d go off of my TOTAL GRANTS AND LOANS (even though I don’t see much of the grant), or would they go off of JUST THE CHECK that I do receive for myself?? ALSO, would they work with me to divide my income amount into 3 and and use 30% of 1/3 of my money, since I only get one check every three months? Or would they possibly go off of what my financial aid papers say online for “room and board”?

Sorry if this got confusing, I’m really stressed out about this.
I’m NOT talking about HUD or Section 8.
I live in Oregon and there is Three Low Income Apartments ALL accepting applications right now. I lived in one of them a year ago and it only took me a 2weeks – a month to get in.

Administrator answers:

Low income apartments are subsidized. It is not legal to use them for student housing.

Like it or not you are talking about HUD, HUD manages all of that.

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