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May 31, 2013

Maria asks…

Why do some apartments have maximum income to rent?

Okay so I was looking for apartments to rent and I found a really nice affordable townhouse about 13 miles away from down town. Crime rates are really low and the place looks nice. However reading the agreements it said MAXIMUM INCOME of 57,000 to move in. Why is there a limit? is this government owned properties?

Administrator answers:

They are subsidized housing. The rent is “affordable” because the government is paying part of it, the tenants only pay a small portion. The government likely does not own them, but has a contract that only approved people can live there and they pay X amount per unit each month.

Joseph asks…

how much could cost an apartment for rent around Dallas TX?Thanks?

I want to look for an apartment since I’m going to separate from my husband. I have not such a big paid job. I’m working in sales.
I was wonderying if anyone can help me with some good web sites where I can find for rent small apartments. Not expensive.
I wonder if can I survive with my low income or should I get a weekend job?
Thank you very much!

Administrator answers:

Http:// click on this link or this link and choose what state you are trying to move in, and they will show you the “FMR” Fair market rent.

With this you can pretty much see what apartment prices are going for.

Also you can just do a apartment search and click the area which is dallas and it will bring up all the apartments available in that area.

Good luck!

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